Saturday, June 26, 2010

How is it....

that you can pay for one hundred bazillion channels and not have ANYthing to watch on tv except a baseball game?  And I don't really even like baseball, having been forced to watch it ad nasuem  throughout my childhood.  Sigh.

I did have a good day today, though.  I went out with a good friend. (You know, the one who dubbed me the "yarn ho"--oddly enough, she felt the need to tell me about a yarn store that she discovered last night when she went out to eat with a friend of hers.  Isn't that kind of like offering crack to an addict?  Just sayin.) 


So we went to a nice mall in another city.  The one really nice thing about living in the East is that pretty much anywhere you want to go is only a short distance away from where you live.    If I don't like the mall in one city, just drive up the road 45 minutes or so and there is another one, just as nice, or nicer.  We walked around the mall, I got some good deals, and we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.  Yum.  Then we went sort of across the street to the new "Towne Center" to look around.  Can I just say that I think the use of "Towne" is slightly pretentious and only used so that they can charge alot more for the same kind of stuff you can get at Target?  Just sayin.

I came home to a happy miss raven.  Well, at least she seemed happy.  I spent some quality time adoring her and rubbing her tummy all the while hoping that would gaurantee that she would eat ALL her supper.  Alas, it was not to be.  Apparently there was too much rice and not enough chickie.  Well, I had gotten a new can of the nasty dog food imaginable the best stuff ever for the little diva.  I had mixed it with the morericethanchickie to see if she would eat it.  She can't stay on chickie rice forever because it doesn't have enough of the nutrients that she needs.  When I gave her some of just that in a bowl she ate it.  I gave her a little bit more and she ate most of that, too.  That made me feel confident enough to give her the antibiotic (she has to take that with food) and she ate that well, largely in part to the glob of peanut butter surrounding it.  She also noshed on a handful of cheerios before deciding that I wasn't going to spend my evening adoring her so she would huff her way down to the bedroom.

I was a busy baker yesterday.  I made oatmeal/banana/cranberry cookies and banana/coconut/chocolate chip muffins.  Y.U.M.  I also made strawberry ice cream with a fresh strawberry swirl.  Then, I got on the scale this morning.  OMG!  All kidding aside, I MUST lose weight.  I found some of my old "fat" pictures and put one of them on the cabinet with all the temptations and kept one on the coffee table to remind me of how I never want to look again.  I am praying that works.  I had the willpower once, I need to find it again.

I hope you are having a fabulous weekend!


  1. I went to a California Pizza Kitchen once-yum! We don't have them round these here parts ;)

  2. Tell friend to quit offering it to the addict! ;P I would have loved to go with you guys!!! :)

    You and the diva crack me up you know!

    WILL POWER--you have the BEST will power of ANYONE that I have ever met---FIND IT AGAIN!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Good she ate the antibiotics :) Those food's sound Yummy!