Sunday, August 22, 2010

A day in the life....

miss raven has decided to blog today in my stead.  enjoy!

here is a day in my life:


wake up, go potty.

eat cheerios.

early morning nap while mommy gets ready to go to work.  every so often i open one eye to see if she is gone yet.  i have her pretty well trained.  she doesn't leave without saying goodbye to me and giving me a kiss on the head.  even if that means she has to hunt to find me.  i like to hide sometimes in the morning to give her a challenge.  especially if i know she is running late.

mid-morning nap.

wake up, stretch, find a comfy spot, go back to sleep.

noon-time nap.

wake up, stretch, eat a few crunchies, find a sun-spot, go back to sleep.

early afternoon nap.

wake up, decide it is time for mommy to come home, take up my corner on the back of the couch and wait to hear the truck make it's funny beep.

get a little annoyed because mommy isn't home yet.

mommy still isn't home so i plan on how i am going to get back at her tonight.  probably need to go potty around two in the morning.

mommy's home!!!!  act really happy when she comes in because sometimes she feels so guilty for leaving me all day that she gives me a treat before dinner!

go outside and go potty.  bark.  alot.

come back in, watch mommy get her supper ready.  pretend i'm not interested because i know she isn't going to give me any anyway.

take a bath.  i'm clean like that.

act disinterested when mommy puts my supper out.  i have to make her pay for being late.

give in and scarf it up.  mmmm mmmmm mmmmm good!

go potty.

eat my treats.

nap until bedtime.

the end.



  1. Oh to have Miss Raven's life!!!! But on a beach somewhere! :)

  2. In my next life I am definitely coming back as a pampered much adored Chahuahua!