Monday, August 30, 2010

Gimme a "B"!!!!....

(hehehehehehe....BFF and WBFF , I know what you are thinking.  Now, stop it. ;P )

Gimme a "B"....for boring.  That pretty much describes me.  Now wait....I'm not having a pity party, I promise.  Just some introspection....

I am the total opposite of a risk taker.  I don't do roller coasters, I don't talk to strangers, I don't try something just for the heck of it, I don't drive in the city (Which is going to be a HUGE problem come early October.  If you are a female and used to live with me, please don't say a word.).  I should wear a a "B" on a cape or something because, seriously, I am boring.

I like safety.  Alot.  I like knowing what is going on.  I like a plan.  I like to follow said plan.  Spontenaity?  Not me.  I triple {heart} a schedule.  In the past several years I have been trying to learn to be flexible when it comes to a "set" schedule, but it isn't easy.  Change, me no likey.

Oh.  Please don't think I am having a pity party.  I promise I'm not.  Just giving you some insight.  Honest. :)  I'm actually pretty peppy right now.

**BTW--I tried to post this yesterday.  I got the WHOLE way through the post and it wouldn't publish.  Worse, it didn't save most of it.  If you heard a really, really loud scream last night, it was me.**

Well, yesterday I was seriously wanting real Chinese food.  You know, authentic, not Panda Express.  I'm not hating on PE, just wasn't wanting it.  So, where do you go when you want real Chinese food?  Duh!  Chinatown!  So, I took my (normally) boring self to Chinatown.  Calm down.  I didn't drive.  ;)

I got to Chinatown and looked around before deciding on a restaurant called (insert silly, girlie giggle here) Ping Pong.  They are known for their Dim Sum.  You don't know what dim sum is?  Ok.  Let me try to explain.'s kind of like tapas.  What?  You don't know what tapas is, either?  Ok.  (lol!)  Tapas is little "bites" of food.  Kind of like different kinds of appetizers.  Dim Sum is the Chinese version.  So, Ping Pong has many different items on the menu to choose from.  Each "dish" gets you 3-4 pieces of the same thing.  They suggest that you order 3-5 dishes per person, depending on how hungry you are.  They also have "Set" menus.  On the set menus, you get a sampling of some different things.  I chose the vegetarian set menu not because I am a vegetarian but because I didn't like any of the other options.  So, here is what I got:

2 baked vegetable puffs (these were in a puff pastry and were A-mazing!)
2 steamed spinach and mushroom dumplings (tasty)
1 steamed vegetable bun (interesting in a good way)
2 steamed spicy vegetable dumplings (spicy?  oh, so true!  delicious?  yes!!)
1 steamed vegetarian sticky rice (this was the one I was the most apprehensive about, but, as it turned out, it was delicious!  who knew?)
2 fried vegetable spring rolls (i know, i know.  fried.  sigh.  but they were tiny.  aaaannnndddd delicious.)
1 side dish of water chesnut and cabbage pickle (yeah, that one, not so tasty)

All of that was on TEN dollars!  Can you believe the bounty that I got for such a low price?  It was totally worth it.

I can't promise that I am done being boring and will be a huge risk taker person from now on.  Baby steps, people.  Baby steps.



  1. What a great idea to go to Chinatown! Good for you!

  2. Ok let's get one MAJOR thing straight here-YOUARENOTBORING!!!!! I know this because you have been my BFF for the past ummm,,,, 16 years!!!! Belive me people, said BFF does like her schedules and is a control oriented person, but I can say that because I am that way too, but believe me when I say, she is NOT boreing! There, that I got that said...Chinatown-way cool decision to go there for supper! Wish that I could have gone too! Last time was in March-TOOLONGAGO!!!!! When I get to visit, we have to go to Ping Pong and get that! YUMMMMM!!!!!!

  3. LOL!!!! I love you, BFF, but you know I speak the truth. ;) Please, please come visit me soon. Not only will I take you to eat at Ping Pong, I will pay for your meal and your after-meal beverage. :)