Monday, August 16, 2010

It's baaaacccccckkkkk.....

the Twilight Zone music, that is.

Something notsogood happened to me at school today.  I can't, however, blog about it because a friend of mine reminded me that everything that is on the internet is subject to viewing by people you may not want to see it.  This includes, but is not limited to, your employer.


Just take it from me that, after 16 years of faithful service, what happened today felt like a giant slap in the face.  Again I say, I wish that the parents/students/teachers that really do like me would speak up (ie:  write letters of commendation to the powersthatbe) so that it isn't the small percentage of complainers that the powersthatbe are hearing.  I know I do a good job....I know I do.


On a completely unrelated, but much happier note, MNF is on tonight.  For those of you who aren't sure what I am talking about *cough* BFF *cough* that would be Monday Night Football.  You are not allowed to say anything about that, either.  You forfieted that right this whole season by moving SIXTEEN hours away from me.  Yes, I am still upset about that.  So there.  : op

My power went out again today.  No, there was no storm.  It just randomly went out.  It's back on now.  In case you wanted to know.

My, hasn't this blog been rather random lately?  I think it has.  Tomorrow is supposed to be Ten Things Tuesday.  Any requests?

I think it is time for some coffee.  With peppermint mocha coffee creamer.  I love you, Coffeemate.

I need a date to a wedding in October.  Anyone have an idea?  A friend?  A brother?



In case you are wondering, the New York (football) Giants are about to score a touchdown.

Goodnight.  Again.


  1. How about ten things that are great about your brother! ;P

  2. Since this is a public blogg, I will not say anything about thepowersthatbe....
    You did have me thinking about the MNF for a second. Will say no more because I moved 16 hours away from you... :(
    Praying for you a lot my BFF!!!!!!!!!