Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday...

my brother suggested Ten Things that are super awesome about him, or some such nonsense (lol).  Instead, I give to you:


1.  Eat. 

Lately, I have been doing way more of that than I should.  Case in point:  I did really well during the day today.  I ate a healthy, nutritious breakfast; a healthy, nutritious lunch; and a healthy, nutritious dinner.  And then, all heck broke loose.  I was stressing about work and, before I knew it, had eaten air-popped popcorn (healthy), a couple of handfuls of hummus chips (completely unnecessary), quite a few peppermint meringues (totally unnecessary), a strawberry frozen fruit bar (planned for), and, the "icing on the cake" so to speak....about a bazillion chocolate covered almonds.  I can't keep telling myself that it's ok, I can start over tomorrow.  If I continue to do that every day I am going to have to buy a whole new (larger) wardrobe and that is NOT acceptable to me.  I need to get my willpower back.

2.  Pick at the skin on my thumbs. 

Currently they are a bloody raw mess.  Thank you, powersthatbe.

3.  Pick at the skin on my heels making it difficult to walk without a great deal of pain.

Again, thank you powersthatbe.

4.  Cry. 


Those are the top four.  And the ones I do the most.  Please, no scolding, BFF.  My thumbs and heels hurt enough.  The rest of the ten I should do but often react by doing the top four first.  I know, I know, something I need to work on.

5.  Pet miss raven.  Trust me, it is much appreciated.

6.  Call my BFF.  I know, this one really should be higher on the list.

7.  Put on the iPod and dance around the house to "Love Shack".  Don't laugh.  The B-52's are way cool.

8.  Go for a walk.  Yeah, I know.  That would really help out with the first one, right?  Sigh.

(I think I got a mosquito bite in a very indelicate place.  Not that you wanted to know that.  Sorry.)

9.  Blog.  Again, if I did this one more, and the first one less, I wouldn't have a clothes issue.

10.  All of the above.  I know, that's a cop-out but I needed another one so this is what you get.

Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.  Have a good night.

Coffee, here I come!!!!! :)

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