Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always when I need it...

The weekend always seems to get here right when I need it.  I know that sounds rather silly because the weekend gets here at the same time every week, but somehow it seems that, just when I really need it...there it is.

It is a little chilly today...for me at least.  I think just about everyone else I know is beyond thrilled with the weather today.  Whoop-de-doo for them.  I have to fight being sad about weather like today because it makes me remember that winter is almost here.  Doesn't it seem like it was just here?  Does it have to come back so soon?  Sigh.

Remember my fall?  Yeah, well, my foot still hurts.  Kind of badly.  I am hoping I didn't break anything.  It doesn't seem swollen but it really hurts.

There is football on today.  Currently I am watching Ohio State kick the crap out of Miami.  I don't really care for either team, quite frankly.  OSU already beat Florida State.  Tonight the Longhorns are playing Wyoming.  HOOK 'EM HORNS!!!! :)

Tomorrow is even better, for tomorrow, my dear bloggy friends, is...


Words can not even begin to describe my utter joy and happiness at knowing that, all day long, I can watch NFL football.  Please, let us all pause while I wipe a happy tear from my eye.....

Thank you.

miss raven had a bad morning.  She woke me up at four-thirty this morning with a gurgly tummy.  We had to go outside twice in fifteen minutes and then she spent an hour under my t-shirt, skin to skin.  That seemed to help some and I was able to go back to sleep around six-ish for another hour and a half.  She woke me up at seven-thirty with more gurgly tummy.  I feel so bad for her because, no matter what she does, she can't seem to get comfortable.  I finally had to just put her down and get on with my day because I was going out with a friend.  Freddie to the rescue!!!!  She brought my girlie some Pepcid.  Half a pill and some peanut butter later, and my girlie is as good as new.  She wolfed her dinner and both treats right down, along with some crunchies.  I am so glad she is felling better.  I hate it when she is uncomfortable.  Freddie, you are miss raven's she-ro! ;)

Happy FOOTBALL Sunday!!!!!!!!  (BFF, please keep your rude remarks to yourself and out of my comments.  Thank you. ;) )


  1. Soooooo glad that the Pepsid worked and miss raven is feeling better :)