Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahhhhhhhh, the weekend...

I was very, very much looking forward to this weekend.  School has become somewhat....stressful, and I really need the downtime of the weekend to unwind and gear up for the following week.

I didn't have specific plans for this weekend and I ended up doing some old things and some new things.  Both were equally fun. :)

I ended up in across the river and found myself at my new favorite (and expensive) yarn store.  I now understand why some women, once they have felt the good stuff never want to go back to the "cheap" yarn.  I got some yummy hot pink wool that I can't wait to ball up and use to work into a winter hat.  I still have some orange organic cotton left that I think I am going to use to make a flower to go on the hat.  Add a button in the middle of the flower and there you go.

**I am currently watching football.  My team sucks out loud.  This does NOT make me happy.**

I got a new "game" for my Wii.  It is a boxing game that I hope makes me shed large amounts of poundage.  It would help if I stopped eating everything that looks remotely tasty.  I wish I didn't love food so much.  Sigh.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am sucking down a Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte and I just scarfed down a pumpkin whoopie pie.  I am such a loser.  And not in a good way.


The game came with weighted gloves.  I sense sore shoulders in my very near future.  Like, today even.  Seeing as how my team SUCKS OUT LOUD.

I am not the only one scarfing down food, although I am fairly sure that mine tasted WAY better.  miss raven is inhaling some of her crunchies.  I cut back on the amount of wet food I am giving her at night in the hopes that she will eat more of the crunchies thereby keeping her teeth somewhat cleaner and her breath somewhat fresher.  Here's hoping.

Speaking of eating....because I was.  I ate lunch yesterday at a Greek restaurant.  Oompah!  I discovered a few things about Greek food....I love hummus now more than ever.  I do not like moussaka.  It has eggplant in it.  I did like the lemony, rice-y, chicken-y soup.  The spanikopita has a bit more oregano than I like.  All in all it was a good lunch and, I feel this must be said, the waitstaff was AMAZINGLY polite.  No, seriously.  They weren't all that busy when I went and I sat in the garden.  Every time I walked through the dining room, any of the waiters that were sitting STOOD UP.  I am totally not kidding.  I thought that was so cool and very unusual.  Every one of them told me to enjoy my meal and they were always making sure I had enough coffee and water without being annoying.  I was very impressed and I would definitely go back.  It's proximity to the yarn store is also in it's favor.  Me being a yarn ho and all.


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