Thursday, October 28, 2010

A beautiful day...

in my neighbourhood.  How about yours?

Really.  It was a gorgeous day here today and one that won't be repeated for several more months, unfortunately.  Days like these make me wistful.  I hate that summer is over and the long, dreary winter is stuck in front of me. 


Wasn't that cheerful?  Sorry.  How about this:
Cute, right?  This was the best one of the bunch as she is, well, how can I say this....less than obedient.  Nonetheless, this is a cute picture.

**Food Update**

Apparently she still loves the Royal Canine food that I got her.  She has been eating it with no problem, and, after a minor episode on Sunday afternoon, in which she really, really thought she was going to get more of the evil unhealthy wet food, she has been eating wonderfully.  Currently, she is munching away.  This is good and bad.  Did I mention how expensive the ROYAL Canine food is?  And, of course, the bag is teeny tiny.  At the rate she is going, I am going to need a small loan just to keep her eating well.  Good thing she's worth it. ;)

Tomorrow is Friday (as if you didn't know) and I am looking forward to it.  I hope this weekend drags FORever because I am NOT looking forward to the next few weeks at work.

Random thought:  Am I the only one freaked out by the fact that Thanksgiving is only four weeks from TODAY?!?  I only have 14 days of work (after tomorrow) until Thanksgiving break.  Christmas break is only a hop, skip, and a jump after that.

Girlie is done eating and would like you to know that she enjoyed it.  I know this because she just belched in my face.

One more bit of randomness:  I made a pumpkin pie tonight.  And ate vanilla frozen yogurt with fat-free caramel sauce.



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  1. Soooo happy that Miss Raviebaby is liking her food still....the spoiled little princesssss has you trained very well! ;oP Not looking forward to the nasty winter months either. At least for me this one should be milder. Take care my dear BFF! :) ENJOY your weekend!

    Lovely mums and punkins by the way! :)