Monday, November 1, 2010

I am determined...

to not let this get to me (too much) anymore (mostly). 


I have been under so much stress lately and I have been letting it get the better of me.  I have felt and acted so defeated and so depressed that it was affecting me physically.




No more.  I can't promise that every day will bring happiness, sunshine, rainbows, and bunnies, but I can be determined that, no matter what, I will not let it get the better of me.  That I will not let it keep me feeling defeated, depressed, and down. 

They can yell, scream, backbite, and backstab, but I will not let it bring me down.  I have too much to be thankful for, too much to be happy about, and too much to live for to let this stress kill me.

So there.

I know I will need to read this post over and over again in the next few weeks.  And this doesn't mean that I'm not concerned about what may happen in the days and weeks to come but I am going to start applying a lesson I learned when I was still in the classroom:  The naughty children act up because they want attention.  The good kids often suffer because so much of my attention was devoted to the naughty ones.  I always felt bad because I saw that the good kids were getting overlooked.  I started focusing more on the good kids and less on the naughty ones.  They deserved to not be overlooked.    So now?  Now I will focus on the cooperative parents.  The ones who work with me and who want us to keep on with what we are doing.  The ones that are supportive, helpful, and just plain nice.  Because you know what?  There are WAY more of those kind of parents than there are of the other kind.



: oP


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are not going to let things get to you. In the long run, its really not worth it. I pray for you every day. Stay strong. God is in control.

  2. Well said my dear BFF! Know that I am praying for you everyday and that God is in control! Hang in there I know that you can and will. :o) Keep that stress from geting to you! :) I love you and miss you dear BFF!!!!!!!!!