Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you still there?  Do I have any readers left?

I (once again) apologize for my lengthy absence.  Work is crazy stressful and my personal life is, well.....hmmmm.  Let's just say that, of the last 52 weeks, this past one ranks down somewhere around 50-52ish.  So.Not.Good.


Let us all pause whilst I pull up my big girl panties and deal with it.

Thank you.

Dear ______________,

Target:  Don't mis-label your pants.  It is no fun to buy the correct size of pants as listed on the hang tag only to discover that the inside tag is a size smaller.  Way to help my self-esteem.

Parent:  Don't say that you agree with the school 100% and that you completely support my teachers....unless the rules apply to your child.  Don't berate my teacher for something completely unrelated to deflect from the matter at hand.  Your child broke a rule.

Parent (#2):  Stop fighting your child's battles.  Your child was wrong.  Your child said something that your child shouldn't have.  Don't run hither and yon and try to get the consequences changed.  You aren't helping your child at all.

miss raven:  Please refrain from leaving presents for mommy.  I love you, but that mess needs to stay outside.

winter:  GO AWAY.  I can't say that any stronger.

Random people that I don't know:  Odd facial piercings are just that...odd.  Please don't think they make you look attractive.  At all.  Not even a little.

Keurig coffee maker:  Thank you for working properly all of the sudden.  I'm not sure what has come over you, but I appreciate it.

Keurig company:  Thank you for putting out your pumpkin spice coffee.  I was about to go through withdrawls.

Cowboys:  Thank you for winning your FIRST game in week THREE.  Let's not regress, shall we?

blog readers:  good night.



  1. Thank you! The shakes are subsiding, blurry vision is clearing up. Feeling much better now. Whew!

  2. I don't like coffee, but love pumpkin spice most things :)

  3. Sorry your week was not so good. Have a quiet and stress free weekend!


  4. Hang in there girl! Hopefully the stress will go away soon! :) Miss you! Pumpkin Spice coffee...enough said there! YUMMMMM!!!!!!!