Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

Since many of my posts have been a bit, shall we say, less than uplifting, I felt obligated to let you know when I had a good day.





I can't really tell you any one thing that made it a *good* day, other than I didn't have a bazillion issues to deal with.  Just the normal every day, run-of-the-mill, comes with the territory, issues.  That kind of stuff I am used to.  No problem.

I even put in for a day off in December.  Now, normally I would be totally against taking an unnecessary day off right before a vacation, however, I need to get some Christmas baking done.  My cookie list is ambitious this year:

Butter cookies (always on the list)
Chocolate chip
Snicker surprises
Pumpkin bars

What do you think?  Too much?  It is a lot but I do love to bake.  I will also be making several dozen cupcakes that weekend for the Senior class bake sale.  I only have one minor problem.  The butter cookies take a cookie press.  I have my mom's old cookie press.  The aforementioned cookie press just about gave up the ghost last Christmas so I am not sure what I am going to do this Christmas.  I have a new cookie press but it is plastic and it is NOT my mother's.  If anyone has a metal cookie press that they would like to gift to me, it would be much appreciated.  Or a professional grade Kitchen Aid mixer.  In pink.  Or stainless steel.  Hey, go big or go home.  ;)

And now for some follow-up randomness:

miss raven seems to be over her weekend issues for which I am very thankful.

My brother and his family went to the NASCAR race in Phoenix on Sunday.  A good time was had by all.  Even though Tony Stewart didn't win.

I miss my BFF horribly.

There are only FOUR more days until Thanksgiving break.  I. AM. THRILLED.

The Cowboys won yesterday (finally).  I. AM. ECSTATIC.  Beyond words.  Well, obviously not beyond words, but still...

I love chocolate.  This has nothing to do with anything but I just thought I'd throw it out there.  You're welcome.

Let's hope (and pray) that tomorrow is as good as today.  Perhaps better.

Goodnight. :)

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  1. I am SOOOO HAPPY to know that you FINALLY had a good day!!!!!!!!! :o) Cookie list sounds great, but that is one baker to another, my list is always that big too! :o) As for randomness...
    your BFF misses you horribly too!!!!! :o( Thanksgiving break is awsome, but hates hates hates that we will not be spending the entire black friday together! :'o( Yaaayyyy for the Cowboys! Chocolate is always a wonderful thing! :o) I pray that you have many more wonderful days!!!!!!!!! Love ya my dear BFF!!!!