Thursday, November 18, 2010


Have you ever been afraid to say something out loud about something good because you might jinx it?  Yeah, me, too.

My week has been good.  Actually, pretty much really good.

There.  I said it.  I hope I didn't jinx tomorrow, after all...tomorrow is Friday.  Friday just can't act like Monday.  It wouldn't be fair.

At. All.

That being said.  I think I failed to mention that the COWBOYS WON ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!  What was that?  I *did* mention it?  Oh.  Sorry.  Well, in my defense, it is such a rare occasion this year that I wanted to make sure you knew. 

I had a thought just now.  I watched the replay of the aforementioned game last night on the NFL network (Dear Verizon, thank you SO much for carrying the NFL network.  Thank you that you are not like my father's cable company that refuses to carry it.  Sincerely, me) last night.  Just in case you were wondering, the outcome was the same.  The COWBOYS WON THE GAME!!!!  My thought was this:  since I watched the game on the replay and they won again, can I count that as TWO victories instead of just one?


Didn't think so.

Miss her much:
Yeah, I thought so.  :)  She is precious beyond words.

You need more proof?  Ok...

Told you so.


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  1. Always love the pictures of miss raven! :)