Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Vacation...

how I LOVE thee!!!

And I would love thee even more if I wasn't sick! :(  I woke up Friday morning with a cold.  Can I tell you how much that sucks?  I mean, seriously.  It started out as a head cold and now has moved into my chest.  Lucky me.

On the bright side, I *am* on vacation and I *am* getting plenty of rest, which I apparently need.  The time at home has been so nice and miss raven is enjoying it, too.  Every once in a while she will get up from her nap to look at me.  She has the "oh, you really are still here" look on her face and then she will sleepily wag her tail.  It is so cute. :)

Also on the bright side, the weather here has been pretty nice lately.  I know it won't last so I am trying to enjoy it is as much as I possibly can.  I actually had to sleep with the fan on last night because it was a little stuffy in my room.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I am really looking forward to it; more than I thought I would be this year.  I am not spending the holiday with my BFF and her family, which sucks bigtime, but I do have other plans which I am really looking forward to. :)

The other nice thing about vacation is that I can nap whenever I want.  That would include right now.


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  1. Totally stinks that you are sick on your vaca! Hope that you still hace a good one! :0)