Thursday, November 4, 2010

Senseless Thursday randomness...

1.  Why do women think it is acceptable to wear a black bra with a white shirt?  Seriously.  To all the gentlemen out there, I apologize.

2.  Speaking of female the Victoria's Secret catalogue I got today I saw something remarkable.  They are selling a bra that costs two MILLION dollars.  I'll take two.

3.  It rained all day.  Welcome back little pond in front of my house.  Home Depot, get ready.  I'm coming back for more rocks.

4.  It's cold.  I hate winter.

5.  I have eaten vegetarian meals for the last two nights.  Not because I am changing my dietary habits.  No...I am too lazy to cook.  Annnnnnnnnndddddd...I'm tired of chicken.

6.  I got my school pictures back today.  Hmmmmm......maybe I should change my dietary habits.

7.  I love coffee.  Hot or cold.  But especially hot this time of year.

8.  Tomorrow is Friday and it is dress down day at school.  A-men.

9.  miss raven is still chowing on the Royal Canine.  Two weeks with no gurgly tummy.  I think we have a winner.

10.  I have three orders for crochet hats/scarves.  Look at me and my bad crafty self.

11.  Goodnight.


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