Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm still here...

You know how it gets around this time of the year, though....crazy busy doesn't even begin to describe it!

I took a much needed day off today.  No, I didn't go anywhere.  Well, nowhere except my kitchen.  I think I baked about a bazillion and one Christmas cookies today.  I still have about a gazillion and one more to go.  So far today I have baked eight dozen chocolate chip cookies, six dozen oatmeal/cranberry cookies, and two dozen brownies.  I have made enough Snickerdoodle dough for eight dozen snickerdoodles and enough butter cookie dough for roughly one hundred gobzillion butter cookies.  I still have another pan of brownies to bake and two pans of pumpkin bars.  I think the pumpkin bars will wait for tomorrow.  I have a new recipie that I want to try and I don't have the gumption to do it tonight.  If I find said gumption, I may also try a recipie I found for a version of Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars.  It looks semi-easy and I do love those bars a great deal.  So...we'll see.

Right now, as you can see, I am taking a break.  It is beyond freaking cold here and my feet feel like ice cubes.  Sadly, I am afraid they will feel this way until, I don't know, April or May I guess.  Sigh.

Funny story:

I go out to get the mail today.  In the mail I find one of those little sample box things.  I think to myself  "Hmmm....I don't remember signing up for a free sample of anything.  I wonder what it could be."  I come inside, putter around the kitchen and decide to check out the mail.  Much to my surprise and delight, it was a wee little box of tissues from Kleenex.  Apparently, my brother decided to send me a wee little box of tissues to help make up for the three ginormous ones that I went through during my recent cold (that I am still not completely over much to my dismay).  I got a good laugh out of that.

Ok.  I guess it was only a funny story to me.  Sorry.

Off to bake more cookies!


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  1. Bake away my BFF bake away! Wish that I were there to help! :o)