Thursday, January 27, 2011

I {heart} a snow day...

(Does anyone else have a hard time coming up with titles for posts or is it just me??  I m so not witty when it comes to that!)

No school again today!  I was worried last night because my power kept flickering on and off.  I was NOT looking forward to a night with no power.  Thankfully, that didn't happen.  Instead of waking up to an alarm clock I woke up to a slightly frantic puppy who needed to, well, you know.

So....I got all bundled up and armed myself with my snow shovel and salt and set out into the vast wilderness of snow my backyard.  I shoveled a path from the front door to the steps and then came back in to get the princess.  Remember how she feels about snow:

Nothing much has changed.  This is perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in a while.  She was less than thrilled with me. Don't worry, I promise you won't see anything graphic. :)

I let her back inside after pretty much forcing her back into the yard to do her business and I went back outside to clear off the rest of the porch, the sidewalk, a path to my truck, behind the truck, and the sidewalk in front of my house.  It took me a good hour or so to do all that as well as salt it all down, too.  I came back in and my toes were numb.  I literally couldn't feel them.  I think I need some good snow boots.  I decided to shower because, well, I was gross and sweaty.  The next hour or so was quite interesting.  I, um, didn't eat anything before going outside.  That, plus the fact that I had an, um, vistor, apparently contributed to a dramatic drop in my blood sugar.  Who knew?  I had to will myself to not pass out in the shower and I'm not even kidding.  I finally finished in the bathroom, took some ibuprofen, ate a mint, and was all ready to make a ThermaCare heat wrap my new BFF.  Much to my great HORROR and dismay...I was OUT OF THE HEAT WRAPS.  When I use the word "killer" to describe the revolt going on in my uterus, I am not exaggerating.  I pretty much willed myself to get through the next forty-five minutes or so until the ibuprofen kicked in.  Then I felt all better.  Note to self:  EAT SOMETHING BEFORE GOING OUT TO SHOVEL SNOW, STUPID.


I have had a semi-productive day.  I have leveled up twice in Zuma Blitz (hey!  that's important!), made brownies (from scratch),  pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, and sugar cookies.  Don't worry, it's all going to school tomorrow.  Except maybe a brownie and another pumpkin chocolate chip cookie.

Speaking of the gym (well, I was thinking about speaking about the gym), I created a third playlist for my ipod.  Hopefully having three playlists for working out will keep me from getting too bored and wanting to quit.

Speaking of quitting......

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  1. Hey, that's great that you leveled up.

    The higher your level, the more score points you will get due to higher chances of critical hits.