Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow, I mean ICE day...

So.  Bonus day off for mellicity and miss raven.  We got a snow/freezing rain/sleet storm overnight.  It couldn't be a clear cut day off, though.  No.  I live in the stupidest county in America so there HAD to be drama.  There HAD to be.

I woke up at six this morning as is my custom when I have to go to work.  I turned on the TV to see what the deal was outside. (miss raven is no dummy.  When it is nasty outside that dog can hold it like you wouldn't believe.  She must have a bladder the size of a walnut but I am telling you, it turns into steel when there is nasty weather.  She didn't wake me up ONE time during the night.)  Anyway--the nice TV people told me that my (stupid) county was on a 2 hour delay.  The counties above, below, and beside us were ALL off, but apparently, the countypeoplewhomakethedecision decided that, surely, the storm must have completely missed us.


So I get up and prepare to take the girlie outside.  THAT was an adventure.  I opened the door and she stepped outside only to skitter every which way.  Have you ever seen those cartoons where the character's feet run in place but they don't go anywhere.  Yeah, that was my girl.  She managed to get off the porch and on to the grass while I was picking myself off the ground from where I fell.  Don't worry.  I'm ok.  :)

We came back in, I made coffee, she ate her cheerios, and we got back into bed.  I wanted to go back to sleep, I really did, but alas, it was not to be.  I got up, silently cursing my county officials, and started trying to figure out how I was going to rearrange the schedule for today to accomodate the delay.  I figured everything out and had just sent out an e-mail to all my teachers letting them know when my school cell phone rang.  One of my people (yes, I have people) called to tell me that her husband, who works for the county, had just called to tell her he was on his way home because the county officials had decided to call school off.  (Better late then never, I suppose.)  I confirmed this information online as well as on the TV and called my supervisor.  Looooonnnnngggg story short...NO SCHOOL TODAY.  I love having a bonus day off!

So far I have had two cups of coffee and a banana, done two loads of laundry with a third on deck, walked over to the office of my development to pay my bill, and am now back under the my new bestest winter friend electric blanket, snuggling with miss raven and blogging just for you.  :)

Here are some pictures from this morning:

As you can see...miss raven is very comfy!

Have a happy Tuesday!! :)

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