Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ups and the Downs....

Remember the 2 pounds that I lost?  Well, I found them and three of their friends.  Down.

I am pretty sure I have Plantar Fasciitis.  Don't adjust your eyes-there are supposed to be two of the letter "i" there.  Basically, my left heel is killing me.  The treatment for this is ibuprofen, ice, and REST.  Rest means no gym.  Down.

It was SEVENTY SEVEN degrees yesterday.  I don't think that requires any explanation of how I feel.  Up.

While it is not as warm today, it is bright and sunshiny outside today.  Up.

My electric bill came yesterday.  It went down, but only by about ten dollars.  It was still outrageously high.  More Down than Up.

Because it was SEVENTY SEVEN degrees yesterday, my heater didn't run for over twenty four hours.  Up.

My house is clean.  Up.

I have Monday off.  WAY UP.

I have the best BFF in the world.  Don't hate, it isn't becoming.  UP.

She has the most awesome-est 11 year old in the world.  UP.

I haven't seen them since LAST SUMMER.  Way, way down.

March 1 is in ten days.  March 1 is the FIRST DAY OF METEOROLOGICAL SPRING.  UP.

My nephew is brilliant.  And adorable.  Up.

My niece is also brilliant.  And gorgeous.  Up.

miss raven is still her typical loving, diva self.  Up.

I get to have dinner with a good friend on Monday.  Up.

She got a new job.  UP!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I still haven't gotten paid.  Pay day was supposed to be last Tuesday.  Down.

I may or may not get paid this Tuesday.  Down.

Sarah Ferguson was not invited to her nephew, Prince Williams's wedding.  Don't care but figured I would mention it.  Actually, I kind of feel bad for her.  She is family and all, no matter what she's done.  And Lady Di liked her.

This post is getting ridiculously long.  This could be UP or DOWN depending on how you look at it.

I have determined to get this weight off.  Up.

I am back on Weight Watchers.  Sigh.  Up.  I hope.

It may snow Monday night/Tuesday morning.  Only UP if I get Tuesday off.

Next week is wicked crazy at work.  Down.

Crazy=stress=I want to eat everything in sight.  Down.

Determined to have willpower.  Up.

Seriously long and rambling post.  Up or Down again.




  1. I love my BFF's blog!!!!!!! Stay UP my dear!!!! And tell that friend of yours I said CONGRATS on the job!!!!! MISS YOU TONS!!!!!!