Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Followers, Commentors, and boringness...

Before we get into the real post I must address a few things that were posted in my comments:

1.  Yes, "phantom commentor" the follower known as "Freddie" is technically a follower three times.  We won't get in to how that happened.  So, yes, that means I really only have eleven twelve (I suck at math) followers, even though it looks like fourteen.

2.  BF, cut your nails, girl!  Seriously!!  Bwahahahahaha!!! :)

Now, on to the REAL POST.

Yeah.  I wish I had something exciting to blog about today.  Um.  I had a two hour (incredibly boring and mind-numbing) meeting today.  I also had a meeting after school.  I drank a lovely cup of coffee this morning and had a yummy lunch.  I came home, took care of the diva, and heated up leftovers for dinner.  I did the dishes and am now blogging and watching PTI.  Oh!  and I made pudding.

I'm so boring!

Goodnight! :)


  1. You are not boreing! :) I love your companay and reading your blog everyday! :)

  2. ummmm yeah I really need a mani! hhahahahahahah!