Monday, March 7, 2011

I feel obligated...

Now that I have FOURTEEN, yes, fourteen followers, I kind of feel like I need to blog more.

Well, maybe not, but here I am anyway.  :)

I am still holding out for Spring-like weather.  I had to throw salt out on my deck this morning because it was a wee bit icy.  I wasn't liking that too much, and, let's be honest, neither was she:

Lest we forget, this is how she feels about the cold weather:
And I pretty much feel the same way.

I am ready for warm and flowers and warm and flip-flops and warm and warm and warm.  Did I mention warm?

Spring Break seems very, very far away.  I am hoping to have a repeat of this:
again this year.  The warmer the better, of course.  I'm not sure what I am doing yet but hopefully the beach will be somewhere on the List 'O Things To Do.  Along with yard work and hopefully some garden planting.  I am planning on some semi-raised gardens this year.  I would like to do three, one for flowers, one for veggies, and a small one for herbs.  Not sure quite yet if it will work out because what I want might end up being a little pricy.  I may have to ditch the flowers this year and concentrate on the front flower bed/drainage issue.  We'll have to see what happens there.

I don't know about you but I am so glad that Monday is pretty much over.  I am just about to eat some honey nut (not-really) cheerios and some pumpkin spice pudding.  Oh yeah, it's good. :)


  1. Does your 14 followers include Fredericka, Freddy and Freddie or are they in addition to your redundant reader? LOL

  2. The beach shounds GREAT!!!!! I say plant some tomoatoes and basil! and of course daiseys! :)

  3. sorry about the misss spellings long nails!ugh! ;oP