Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh, the shame....

Once again I have been (mildly) chastised by my BFF for not being a faithful blogger.  Once again I am sorry.

I'll try to bring you up to speed by being completely random:

--Tuesday was the first day of Meterological Spring.  I marked my calendar.  Did you mark yours?

--Yesterday was my dad's birthday.  Yes, I mailed him a card AND a gift card.  And yes, I *am* his favorite.

--Although Tuesday was the FDOMS it hasn't gotten any warmer.  I think I will go ahead and blame the Groundhog for that.  Sounds reasonable to me.

--I have 5 hanks of gorgeous yarn that I can't WAIT to use.  I may or may not have bought some more yarn tonight.

--Ok.  I confess.  I did buy more yarn tonight.

--I now have THIRTEEN followers!  Who says that 13 isn't lucky??  Welcome to you all. :)

--miss raven loves the heated throw in the living room.  Sometimes more than she loves me. 

--I have a new addition to the family.  A Wandering Jew.  Her name is Rachel and I hope I don't kill her as she is very pretty.  All purple and green and silvery.  I beg her every day to please not die.

--I went grocery shopping tonight and, although I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted a big old container of Chinese take out I settled for a Lean Cuisine frozen pizza.

--I am getting VERY worried that there may be an NFL lockout.  You just don't know.

--I have made a change for next year.  I am happy about the change.  Others are not.  I'll tell you about it sometime late May or early June.  Don't worry.  I'm not moving...again.

--I had plans for this weekend.  They fell through.  I am very sad about that.  I will attempt to console myself by crocheting, watching Despicable Me, and eating Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Fro-Yo.  And maybe blogging.  So my BFF doesn't get mad at me.

: op


  1. I'm stopping by from The Blog Frog to visit all who commented from my discussion there, sharing their blogs.

    I truly enjoy your blog...very original, creative and I love you writing...can't wait to come back and see more soon. Oh, and also a proud new follower here! :) and I'm also a proud new follower!

    Come by and see me anytime and I'll soon be back here as well to check out more!


  2. BFF is sooo happy that she has something fun to read at documents get sooooo borening! 13 followers *WAYTOGOITOLDYOUYOUWEREAWSOME!!!* :)
    More yarn is always very nice...feed that addiction girl! ;)
    NFL lockout????REALLYTOOOOCOOL!!!!! just kidding (a little!) I wouldn't want my NFLers to be sad and my BFF says that I can't be a hater! :)