Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Houston, we have...


Dear AC Guy,

Thank you for fixing the AC today.  miss raven and I are very graeful.


I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels in the house right now.  We are both so nice and comfortable and so, so, SO thankful that God answered our prayers.  Well, God always answers prayer, just not always the way we want.  Today, though, it went our way. :)

The first day back to work after the vacation went well.  I was EXTREMELY busy, but it was a good busy.  The rest of this week is going to be busy as well, but, like I said yesterday, that makes the week go by faster, which is always nice.

The kids are excited because they know that summer is right around the corner.  The next few weeks will be spent not only trying to teach them but also trying to contain their enthusiasm for the upcoming vacation.  Trust me when I tell you, that is not easy.  Especially when the teachers (and everyone else) is also looking forward to the vacation! :)

I have much on my plate right now and, because of my Type-A personality, I want everything to be PERFECT.  That, in turn, causes much stress for me.  18 more days.

Note to BFF:  "HOEownership"?!?!?!  Pretty sure that there are laws against that! ;)  Miss you, too!!!


  1. OMG!!! At least I make you laugh! :) I still can't believe that I typeoed that! My fingers and my brain still are not connected after all these years of typing! hahaha!
    Y-E-A on the AC!!!!!!! So happy that yesterday was a good day! Hope that the rest of your week is too!!!!! :)

  2. WOOHOOO!!! Glad you got it fixed! Here's hoping it's a long term fix.

    By the way, How do you "typeo" something, Laurie?