Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am....

...tired.  Very, very, tired.

...sore.  Oh my Lord am I sore.

...a wee bit chilly.  Where the heck did the warm from Monday go?  Please, come back.

...lonely.  miss raven refuses to talk to me.  I tell her all about my day but she neither comments or tells me about hers.  I also miss my family, my BFF, my Freddie, and mostly my mom.  A lot lately.

...annoyed.  If I get yelled at by one more parent...

...thankful.  For things like hot water, indoor plumbing, and coffee.

...anticipatory. (I think I might have just made up a word.  Not sure.)  Spring break is only 2 days away.

...signing off.  Good night.  :)

1 comment:

  1. Dear BFF why are you tired and sore???? :( Hopefully feeling better today! Your BFF misses you terribly too!!!! I am thankful for indoor pluming, hot water, and yes COFFEEEEEE!!!!! Totally wish that I had a spring break! Somehow law firms don't do that spring break thing...mmmmmm...