Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten (random) Things Tuesday!...

1.  I am in desperate need of Spring Break.  Thankfully, it is right around the corner.

2.  I did, in fact, drink coffee last night after I was done posting.  It was good and I slept.

3.  I pretty much found out today what I am going to be doing next year.  If everything stays the same (and please pray that it will) I am going to be so happy.

4.  According to the carton of (sugar-free) ice cream that I bought last Friday, there should have been 12 servings.  I am seriously considering writing to the company because I am certain I was cheated somehow.  I only had four servings in my carton.

5.  I hate math.

6.  I also hate winter.

7.  I love miss raven.  Thankfully, she also loves me and thinks I am the best thing in the world.  Next to a rawhide boney with meat in the middle.  It's good to know where I stand.

8.  I love Ikea.  If I had a billion dollars, I would buy one.  And everything in it.  Well, almost everything.  There are some thinks that those Sweedes like that I just can't get behind.

9.  I'm loving my Kindle.  Currently I have purchased two books and downloaded several free ones.  Free is always good.

10.  Bridges scare the nonsense out of me.  This is not a good thing since, if I want to go to the beach next week I have to cross one that is of the devil.  What to do, what to do.....and no, closing my eyes isn't an option.  Me being the driver and all.

3 days and counting until Spring Break!


p.s.  11.  The people on the Biggest Loser are jumping of a building.  They are crazy.

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  1. 3INAROW!!!!!!!!! HAPPYBFFHERE!!!!!! As ALWAYS I L-O-V-E reading your blog! It is my morning smile! And I have to have that smile, because remember I work in a big city in criminal defense law! WISH that I could go to the beach with you then I could drive across the bridgeofthedevil! Not to mention that we would have SOOOO much fun!!!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL day and rest of the week!!!!!
    And that is AWSOME about next year!!!!!!