Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So far...

this is what I have accomplished on my spring break:

1.  Sleep.

2.  Clean house.

3.  Mow lawn.

4.  Entertain diva.

5.  Take a trip to Skyline Drive.  See four (alive) deer feeding on the side of the road.  Get some low quality pictures.  Will share those in a later post.

6.  GO TO THE BEACH!!!!!!!  :)

7.  Become furious with myself for forgetting camera on trip to the beach.

8.  Learn that diva does NOT like seagulls, people, sand, people, the ocean, people, the boardwalk, people, new places, and people.  Spoiled much? 

side note:  I must tell you how absolutely HIL-arious it was to watch her on the beach.  She couldn't decide if she wanted to whine because of the sand, bark because the seagulls were seriously #*$%*# her off, whine because of the cold, bark at the ocean because it was also seriously #($&^$& her off, or just hate me in general.  She is so funny.  I would have love to have shown you a video of all of that but alas, I FORGOT MY STUPID CAMERA!!! 

9.  Read two books with two more waiting.  (You can do a whole lot of reading while sitting on the boardwalk.)

10.  Walked five miles yesterday, up and down the boardwalk.  We will not discuss what I ate in this post, although I didn't do too badly because I didn't eat everything that I *wanted* to eat.

Phew!  And I still have several days of spring break to go!

And, lest I forget:




  1. SOOOO wish that I could have gone with you!!!! SOOOO happy that you had a nice time, a great laugh at the diva, and made it over that bridge!
    ENJOY the rest of your break! :)

  2. UPDATE:

    11. Just finished weed-whacking the yard. diva happy.

    that is all.

  3. So glad you are enjoying your spring break. Chihauhua's are so funny aren't they! I think they are the ultimate control freaks! Can't wait to see you on Sunday! Enjoy the rest of your week.