Friday, June 3, 2011

me vs. the beast...

No, not her:

Stop laughing at me.

Right now.


I suspected that I might have an univited guest yesterday morning as I was getting ready for work.  I happened to look down on the floor of my closet and saw, um, evidence.


I figured that, since I have today off, I would just go and get traps or something to take care of the beastie.  That was, until, last night.

Let me set the scene for you....
Melicity and miss raven are snuggled in bed.  The light hasn't been turned off just yet as they are still watching a bit of tv.  Out of the corner of her eye Melicity sees movement down by where miss raven's food is.  Knowing that miss raven in safely tucked away on the bed with her, Melicity is intrigued by said movement so she turns her head to look.  Much to her HORROR and UTTER DISMAY, there is a MOUSE in her house.  In a panic she calls her father...who laughs.  And then tells her to get bait because the beastie will eat it and eventually die.  Eventually, huh?  All she needs is to come home and see a dead mouse laying in her living room.  Besides, she is really uneasy about putting poison down with miss raven running free during the day (ok, maybe not running but you get the picture.)  Melicity decides to head to the Walmart in order to purchase traps.  The kind where you can't see the beastie once it is dead.
Fast forward to this morning.  I haven't slept much, I have cleaned EVERYTHING...the closets, under the dressers, behind the bed (GROSS--it was on my bedside table!!), behind the couch (GROSS!!!!).  I am tired and I still have SIX EMPTY TRAPS.  That mouse had better either moved out or be ready to meet it's little maker tonight because I am not sharing my house with it ANYMORE.

I leave you with one final thought...

GROSS!  }: O(

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  1. I feel your pain BFF!!!!! :0/