Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's chat...

shall we?

I like to think I am a pretty easy going person, outside of work, that is.  I have my own strong opinions about some things but I mostly keep them to myself.  There are a few reasons for that:  (a) I abhor confrontation.  I don't like to fight with anyone.  I would rather just keep my mouth shut than fight.  Yes, I am a coward.  (b) I am not a "quick-thinker."  I need time to process what the other person has said and come up with a decent response.  It is because of this I am not good at debating.

This does not mean that I never disagree with people.  It also does not mean that I never express my feelings.  Furthermore, I understand that not everyone agrees with  me.  What irritates me, though, is when I express my opinions (politely) in a semi-private forum and someone else decides to jump all over me.  Especially when the comment that was made was pretty innocent.  Give me a break.  I hate when people have the attitude that they can express any opinion they want, about anything, but when you express  differing opinion, they feel it necessary to comment--but you can't disagree with them.  Ever.


Also on the "grrr" front...

Guess who had to dispose of another mouse corpse this morning?  That would be me.  Here's the story:

I finally fell asleep (in my own bed!) this morning around one-ish.  I slept fairly well until I heard a noise around 4:45.  As I was laying in bed I realized that the noise could be one of three things:
  1. rain pittering against the window pain.
  2. someone trying to open my bedroom door.
  3. a mouse eating peanut butter off the trap.
Three guesses as to which it was.


I got up, turned on the light, and inspected the trap.  Sure enough, the peanut butter was mostly gone.  I couldn't figure out why the trap hadn't worked until I discovered that it was just slightly wedged under the dresser, preventing it from snapping down.  DARN IT ALL!

I took the girlie out, came back in, and settled down on the couch.  About half an hour later I decided that sleeping on the couch was ridiculous!  I went back into the room, moved a trap with full peanut butter to behind the dresser, and went back to sleep.  I must have slept for about an hour when a loud snapping sound woke me up.  Well, a loud snapping sound accompanied by a pair of frantic little legs clawing at the baseboard.  I tried not to be to grossed out/disgusted/annoyed/mad.  I looked at the trap and to my dismay, it appeared empty.  I was pretty upset because these traps are supposed to be reusable.  About 15 minutes later, I got up and this time used a flashlight to look at the trap.  Um.  The only way I can describe my inital reaction to what I saw is...EWWWW!!!  It appeared that the trap had snapped the beastie's head off.  Remember the frantic leg clawing I heard?  Immediately I had visions of a headless mouse body running under the dresser.  I sat on the bed and tried to figure out what I was going to do.  How on earth was I going to be able to deal with a headless mouse corpse and a trap with a head stuck in it?  I was so grossed out.  I finally got up the courage to look at the trap again, this time from directly above.  Turns out, the trap just twisted sideways.  The whole dead body was there.  I got the yardstick to poke at the trap to make sure the thing didn't move.  It didn't, so I talked myself into picking up the trap and putting the dead beastie into the garbage.  Out went the garbage, the trap got reset, and this time, the dresser was not pushed back so far. 

So, here is where we stand with the beasties:

Melicity 2
Beasties 0

Now, remember, the original beastie died on Tuesday morning.  I had 4 days with no real evidence of another beastie.  I need to figure out how this one got in because I am not naive enough to think that there were only 2.  I am considering calling Orkin or Terminex.  I am hoping that an exterminator can deal with outside, underneath the house, so that the beasties will stop coming in.

The garden is doing well.  Many tomatoes, many green peppers, and just this morning I discovered several green beans!  No cucumbers and no squash...yet. :)  I am really excited about this and keep wishing that the tomatoes would ripen faster. :)

It has been super hot here lately, which I love.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler which both miss raven and my air conditioner and my bank account will love.

Have a Happy Sunday and don't forget...Father's Day is in just one week!


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