Thursday, June 16, 2011

(insert witty post title here)

Did you ever have so many thoughts bouncing around in your brain that you weren't quite sure how to put them all down in a logical order?

Me neither.


About a million times since Sunday I have thought " should blog.  Your BFF is back from vacation and you can't expect her to work all day while she is at work..."  and then I wouldn't blog.  Not because I didn't have anything to say, just because I was lazy.

miss raven went to the doctor yesterday.  She did very well:  she lost a pound (at least someone in this house it losing weight), her heartbeat is nice and steady, her ears are clean.  The (new) vet told me that her back left leg joint is slightly hyper-extended so she may develop arthritis in the next few year.  She got her rabies shot and had some blood drawn for her pre-surgery work-up.



Sigh.  girlie's teeth are B.A.D.  I know this and have been saving the Benjamin's for the surgery because trust me, it ain't gonna be cheap.  She is scheduled to go in a week from today to have her teeth clean and to possibly have some of them extracted.  The extractions will depend on how badly decayed they are.  I am thinking she is going to need at least two taken out.

I am already fretting about all of this.  Not just the moolah, although that is a concern.  It is her age, really.  She is going to be 12 in about a month and, the older a dog gets, the more dangerous it is to put them under general anesthesia.  According to the chart at the vet, my girlie is one year away from being considered "geriatric."  Not that you'd know it by watching her run around the yard barking at every living thing...and some non-living things as well.


The national rodent population is down by another one.  So far I have managed to rid the world of three little beasties.  As much as I hesitate to say this (because the last time I did two more came along) we have seen neither hide nor hair nor "evidence" of any beasties for two days now.  Dare I hope that their reign of terror is over?

I have some major cleaning to do.  I have visitors coming on Sunday (I CAN'T WAIT!!!!) and I don't want them to think I am a slob.  Having rugrats here gave me the liberty of buying Goldfish, the Penguins of Madagascar fruit snacks, Cocoa Puffs, and Pop Tarts!!!  Yummmmmmmm!!!!!!! :)

Despite all the cleaning I am sitting here blogging and drinking an iced coffee (Starbucks today, not Dunkin--that will probably be tomorrow.)  You should feel loved.


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  1. I am SOOO SPECIAL I was mentioned in the blog!!!!! ;oP ILOVELOVELOVEYOURBLOG!!!!!!!! Yes vaca is over and I still can not work ALL day! WANT to be back on the beach and Criminal law is too...well TOOO CRAZY!!!! And by the way...YOURBFFMISSESYOULIKEC-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!
    Yea on the beasties!!! The little buggers totally crrreeeep me out!!!!!
    HAVE FUN WITH THE FAMILY!!!!!!!!! Make sure to cross the Patomic and chase the ducks! :)