Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A list...

1.  I am very, VERY bad at coming up with post titles.  Please don't leave because of that.

2.  miss raven finally took a drink last night.  and hasn't taken one since.  and is slowing beginning to relax after her horrific thunderandlightining filled evening.

3.  My garden is starting to produce more than lettuce.  See:

I am very happy about most of this.  I am not happy about the lack of cucumbers as I was looking forward to garden fresh cucumbers almost as much as I was looking forward to garden fresh tomatoes.  I did find another baby cucmber this afternoon and am hoping that it won't shrivel up and die like all the other ones.  Well, all the other ones except the one long on that is still on the vine but split open is a couple of places.  I also found two more squash.  One is largish and kind of green...not at all like what I thought a butternut squash would look like.  The other one is weeny and yellow and much like the other three that died and fell off.  If anyone out there knows what I am doing wrong in regards to the cucumbers, squash and potentially the green beans that seem to be thinning out now that I have harvested (and eaten) all twelve of them, I would be grateful for your help.

4.  Dieting update.  Well.  It is no secret that the grandiose plans that I had about losing a ton of weight at the beginning of the year have fallen by the wayside.  Not only have I not lost any weight since January 1, I have acutally gained about TEN more pounds.  My wake-up slap across the face was when I saw the pictures that my brother posted of me and the kids from when they where here last week.  I can't believe that I look that big.  I determined that, on Monday, I would start with the whole Weight Watchers thing again.  I am not following their new plan, but rather going back to all my old materials and following the plan that worked for me about three years ago.  I have successfully counted my points yesterday and today.  I had a hard time this afternoon because I was reading a REALLY good book (which I will talk about tomorrow) and I REALLY wanted to munch on something salty and crunchy.  I made myself ignore the pseudo-cravings that my mind tried to tell me I was having and managed to NOT eat anything.  I know that, when I write everything out and follow the plan, it WORKS.  I don't have any grand illusions that I will lose all the weight I regained by some ridiculous end date (like before school starts) but if I can lose roughly 20 pounds before school starts, I would be happy.

5.  Things are still kind of up in the air at work right now.  Nothing is concrete yet and that is slightly concerning me.  I can honestly say I am not worrying...right now.  I do have a meeting next week but, at the moment, it seems to be rather a routine meeting.  I would appreciate any prayers/good thoughts that you would like to send my way. :)

6.  How cute is this:
I submit it is very cute.  Perhaps the cutest thing you have seen all day, even.  ;)

Have a happy Wednesday and.....I MISS YOU, TOO, BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So happy that Raven is drinking! I know that you will worry a little less now. :0)
    YEA on the garden!!!!
    Weight loss...ummmmm...me too! We need to get back on track TOGETHER like we were at the beginning of the year! We will discuss this weekend!?!?
    Work...don't stress, goodness knows you have stressed out enough about it! Things will work out, I ma sure! :0)
    LOVE the pic!

  2. The veggies look great and I'm sure they taste wonderful :) Nice yarn too. I can't wait to see what you will make with it.