Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer musings, ramblings, and other such nonsense...

To make this post seem longer and infintely more interesting I am going to do it in a list!


  1. We are just getting out of our first heat wave of the season.  It has been wonderfully HOT here the last three days.  I LOVE IT!
  2. It is raining right now.  I tried to convince miss raven that the rain was a good thing and fun to play in.  As you may have guessed, she was having none of it.
  3. The garden, I assume, is enjoying the rain.  The cucumbers are growing like mad and why, oh why, didn't anyone tell me what a monster squash is?!?  It is taking over EVERYthing!  I currently have almost a dozen cherry tomatoes and two green peppers.  I am still very excited about it. :)
  4. School is over and almost all of my teachers have checked out.  I still have one that is dragging his heels but he should be done tomorrow.
  5. I received a very mean-spirited letter from a former co-worker today.  I highly respected this person, and still do, for the most part.  After fretting about what was said in the letter for most of this afternoon, I have decided that the letter was written out of spite for what happened earlier in the year to a family member, not because of anything that I had done, although there were several false allegations made against me in the letter.  I will be speaking with our HR director and getting advice as to my next step.  This afternoon I sat down and wrote a response that I knew I would never send so that I could write out all my hurt and frustration at what was said.  That helped clear my mind alot.
  6. I was just hearing a funny noise against the house.  Turns out it was hail.  Don't worry, the plants are fine.  I went out and checked.  I'm paranoid like that and all.
  7. Have I mentioned in the last several posts that I miss my BFF?  Well, I do.
  8. I love summer fruit.  Blueberries, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, plums....oh, I how love summer...and it's fruit.
  9. I also love ice cream, but I am trying not to love it so much as I need to lose serious poundage right now.
  10. I do not love summer re-runs on TV.  Fortunately, Leverage and Hawthorne will be back on soon.  Phew!
  11. I also do not love baseball.  Can you say Boooooorrrrrrring?
Tomorrow is Thursday and that is a good thing.  It is a good thing because, in the summer, I don't work on Friday.  Ergo, tomorrow is my work Friday. 

I love being able to use the word "ergo."

Good night!


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  1. Yea for summer and all the fun it brings!!!!!
    So happy that you are getting the "veggies of your labor" with your garden...(Iknow, I can not make a joke...just laugh and make me smile) ;oP
    And yes, I am looking up the word ergo right now! :o)
    Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!!