Thursday, June 23, 2011

A visit to the doctor (a raven update)...

So. Glad. Today. Is. Over.

Today was a long, VERY long, day.

I woke up at 6:30.  miss raven had to be to the vet by 8:30.  I let her ride on my lap the whole way there.  I normally don't do that but I was feeling so guilty about what I was about to do.  I took her in, filled out the paperwork, and then watched as they took her away to the back. 

I cried.  The whole way home.

I got home and did my best to keep busy and keep my mind off of everything (read:  played mindless games on the computer for two hours.)  I met a good friend of mine for lunch and that helped, too.  The vet called me when I was on my way to meet my friend for lunch and told me that everything was good and that miss raven had done well.  THAT made me very happy. :)

I couldn't pick miss raven up until six this afternoon.  By the time I got to the vet I was more than ready to see her and she was very happy to see me.  I paid the bill, got her discharge instructions and brought my girl home.  She has done pretty well this evening.  She is hungry, due to the fact that she wasn't allowed to eat anything after seven last night, and I know her mouth is sore.  The vet told me that her throat would probably be sore, too, because they had to intubate her.  Since coming home she has eaten about 3/4 of a container of wet food, several pieces of water-softened (now not so) crunchy food, and a soft treat broken up into a zillion little pieces.  She wants more but the vet said not to give her too much tonight because of the anesthesia--it could make her tummy upset.  miss raven begs to differ and would eat much more if I would let her.  I am going with the vet on this one.

I have to give her antibiotics and pain meds twice a day.  These are oral "injections", meaning I just squirt the stuff in her mouth.  Sounds easy, right?  Yeah.  Not so much.  I had to flip her over, pin her down, and gently "shove" the syringe in her mouth.  TWICE.  Scads and scads of fun, I tell you.  She was not so happy with me and wasn't afraid to let me know it.

She has been whimpering a little off and on since coming home.  I'm not sure if it is from her mouth/throat discomfort or from being hungry.  Right now she is sleeping on the pillow next to me.  She was snoring rather loudly for a little while and that made me feel very happy.  I have to take her for a post-op check-up in about ten days.  This visit is routine and, thankfully, isn't going to cost me anything.

Thanks to everyone who thought about us today and said a prayer.  We both really appreciate it!


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  1. SOOOOOOO HAPPY that everything went well today!!!! It was GREAT to talk with you last night! :0) MISSSYOUTONNNNNNNNS!!!!!!