Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yarn Along (and other things)...

Although I have been reading the Yarn Along posts at Ginny's blog for some time now, this is the first time I've actually participated.  Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to use "Mr. Linky"...
As you can see, I crochet, not knit.  Right now I am on a run of making dishtowels and dishcloth sets.  I am contemplating opening an Etsy store sometime in the near future and I think these will make a nice addition.  I am using either Lily or Sugar and Creme (I can't remember which) and I love these bright colors.  The ones I made several years ago have lasted for a while and they wash well.  I'll probably make a few more sets and then move on to something else.

As for reading...I hope it still counts if I am using a Kindle to do my reading.  :)  I like political thrillers and have read just about everything by David Baldacci.  Currently I am reading his latest book The Sixth Man.  I confess, I haven't been reading much lately, although I have the time since school is out for the summer.  I took the Kindle with me to the beach yesterday, but the battery was running low so I didn't get to read.  From the few chapters that I have gotten through I can tell that I am going to enjoy it.

My family is here and I have been enjoying spending time with them.  Yesterday we spent pretty much the whole day at the beach.  It was great!  I got a little crispy, but it isn't too bad.  Here are some fun pictures of the kids:

miss raven goes tomorrow morning for her surgery.  I am nervous and will be all day tomorrow.  Thankfully, a good friend of mine agreed to have lunch with me so that will help take my mind off of it for a little while.  If you are a praying person, would you say a little prayer for both her and me?  Thanks!  And don't worry, I'll keep you posted.


  1. AAAHHHHH you can NEVER go wrong with yarn and a Kindle! :o)
    Looks like you guys had a GREAT time at the beach!
    Praying for Ms. Raviebaby! And you too!!!!!

  2. Welcome to Yarn Along!

    I read a lot of the books I talk about on my Kindle app for my iPod Touch. So yes, in my eyes it totally counts. ;-)

    The dishclothes look fun and funky. Love 'em!