Thursday, July 21, 2011

A couple of updates....

It is hotter than Satan's armpit outside today.



I say, "Bring on the heat!"  I'm a Texas girl; I can take it! :)

I did not Yarn Along yesterday, as I'm sure you could tell.  All one of you (cough, BFF, cough) who checked to see if I blogged about it.  I did crochet yesterday, but it isn't something I can share online right now.  Besides, I didn't take pictures.  I am planning on crocheting today as I found a couple of shawl patterns on Ravelry that I like alot.  Other than that, and drinking plenty of Crystal Light, miss raven and I plan on staying inside today and staying cool.

Well, except for when I have to go out to water the garden that is turning tratorious on me. 


Just when I think I have things figured out there, it throws me for yet another loop.  I have gotten several tomatoes off (and they are GOOD) as well as a few cucumbers.  My larger peppers develop some kind of mold on them before I can harvest them and the small peppers aren't very sweet.  The tomatoes, though yummy, crack on the top before they are mature and the cherry tomato plant seems to have given up altogether.  The cucumbers were doing well but now seem to remember that they are supposed to frustrate me and have gone back to their old ways.  We won't even get in to what the green beans and the squash plant are doing.

As frustrated as I am with all of this, I am still planning on having a garden again next year.  I have some ideas that will hopefully eliminate some of the difficulties I had this year.  All in all, though, I would have to say that,for my first attempt at gardening, I was pretty successful.

Ok.  Off to keep cool, crochet, read, and stay hydrated.  Have a great day!! :)


  1. You are TOO funny!!!!! I MISS YOU!!!!!
    The "joys" of gardening! Don't feel bad, Grandpa's is doing well either and he is the MASTER gardener!!! I am proud of how it has done! :o)
    Happy crocheting!!!!
    Give Ms. Raven a pat for me!

  2. Actually, I did notice when I was making my rounds of Yarn Along that you had not posted yet.

    There's always this week.

    Looks like it will be you and me swapping for August in the Fiber, Coffee & Chocolate Swap.