Friday, July 29, 2011

Rock my world...

When I was younger I had an interesting toy.  It kind of looked like the planet Saturn...there was a yellow playground-type ball in the middle of a black plastic platform.  The objective was to stand on the platform, remain stable, and bounce around.  Not being the most coordinated person, I had some difficulty remaining stable.

I found the same to be true when I tried to make the switch from regular roller-skates to in-line skates.  It just didn't work for me because I couldn't maintain my stability.

I like stability.

I like order.

I do not like my world rocked.

I do not like change.

Or upheaval.

We are living in less-than-stable times.  The economy isn't great, the government is bitterly partisan, and jobs that people thought would always be there and be secure aren't.

Who would have thought that there wouldn't be a need for good, quality, caring teachers?

No, no.  I didn't lose my job.  At least, not yet.  Some of my friends did, though.  I found out about it late Wednesday night and I am still so sad about it.  Some of the people that lost their jobs over the weekend have been at the school for a long time.  Two of them have been my coworkers for 17 years.  They didn't do anything wrong.  They didn't curse out a parent or student.  They didn't abuse any kids.  They didn't lie, steal, or cheat.  They are just victims of the times we are living in.

I don't think any of us ever really thought we would be this affected by the situation.  I mean, we had been through down times before and teachers never lost their jobs.  Everyone, myself included, always thought that teachers were SAFE.  Untouchable.  Secure.  We found out over the weekend that sadly, this isn't true anymore.

I went in for my meeting yesterday and everything seems to be ok as far as my position.  I can sense that there are other changes coming that I don't even know about yet, though, and that is unsettling.  The last, the VERY LAST thing that we need is another school year with turmoil and uncertainty.

And instability.

Did I mention I hate change?



  1. Unfortunately I know all too much about the employment world being rocked. It is really sad that the teachers lost their jobs. I am VERY happy that you kept yours!!! Hopefully this will be the end of the change and upheaval at the school for a long while!
    Enjoy the rest of your vaca! And give Dad our love!

  2. HA! I remember the POGO balls!

  3. Yes, Hoax and Chains! Isn't it great. Obuthead promised to "fundamentally change the United States of America" and that appears to be the only true words he has ever spoken! I'm sorry to hear about the teachers losing their jobs, I unfortunately can relate. I pray you are safe at least for this year. Hang in there.