Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An observation and an update...


When I am not at work and school is not in session I never know what day it is. 

Case in point:  I was all ready to post a "woe-is-me" I don't have anything to say about Yarn Along today so, sorry everyone who was hoping for a Yarn Along post.

And then it hit me....


It's Tuesday you moron, not Wednesday.

The good thing about that is that my vacation isn't one day closer to ending.  The bad thing is, well, I'm a moron who doesn't know what day it is, apparently.


Since my last post I have had four meetings at school.  Yes, I am supposed to be on VACATION. 


Here is the good:
  • Dear BFF,  my job is safe.  You may quit worrying now.
  • No cut to my salary (WHOO-HOO!!!)
  • I was told that I am indespensable.  No fear, I will not let that go to my head.
  • I was also told that many people like me there.  That is kind of news to me, but, ok, I'll go with it.
The "eh":
  • Because my salary isn't being touched (this year) they are going to work the bejeezus and then some out of me.  My class may have close to 40 students.  Please pray that it doesn't!
  • I still have to go to "Important People" meetings.  Have I mentioned my particular loathing for meetings?
So the good outweighs the "eh".  We will have to see what happens after this year.  I am hoping that, if this new guy does what he says I won't have to worry about my salary next year because they will be able to afford to give teachers raises.  Hey, I can hope, can't I?

I promise to try to have something ready for Yarn Along tomorrow.  I haven't posted much because my dad is here visiting me and spending time with him is more important that updating my blog.  I know you all understand. :)

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  1. OK you TOTALLY crack me up...what day is it?????
    GREAT I will stop worring about your job now! I was sweating it for ya believe me! 40 students is C-R-A-Z-Y though!!!! Hopefully that is not the case! "ehh" on the meetings but ya kept your job and the $$$...WHOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!
    Have fun with dad!