Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Irene,

(photo courtesy of  NOAA)

You have done nothing but ruin my plans for the weekend with your destructive ways.  No one likes you, no one wants you.  Just leave now, Irene. 

Why do you have to show up at night?  Night time is the scariest time.  You are just plain rude, Irene.

And, while I am at are totally freaking miss raven out and you aren't even here yet.  I still have a couple more hours before your rain hits me and about eight hours until your angry winds hit me.  miss raven knows you are coming, though, and she is scared.  You are a big bully, Irene.  Picking on poor little puppies like this.  Shame on you.

You have ruined people's beach vacations.  You are a party pooper, Irene.

Because of you, Irene, I am going to lose power.  Pepco has already called me to tell me that I WILL lose power and they will get it back on as soon as possible but to be patient (read:  don't call us).  They have told me it will be DAYS before I get power back.  That means no coffee.  No coffee=I am a person you don't want to be around.  You think you're angry, Irene?  Wait until you get a load of me after you have caused me to not have coffee for DAYS.  You got nothing on me there, baby.  Nothing.

I don't like you, Irene.


melicity (and miss raven)

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  1. Oh dear BFF! You make me laugh, like last night with your melt down, I am reallly sorry that you have no power!!! :o( Go get you some blueberry iced coffee at Dunkins and try to get back to normal! :o)