Wednesday, August 24, 2011

earthquakes and hurricanes and yarn alongs...

oh my!


No school today!  Apparently they needed to do an inspection of the building to make sure there was no structural damage.  I got the phone call after I posted last night.  It was nice to sleep in a little this morning.  :)

The Washington Monument is now closed indefinetly because they found a crack near the top.  There are some people that have been displaced from their apartment building because of damage to load-bearing walls.  I feel so badly for those people.  They aren't even allowed to go back into their homes to get things they need right now.  I know it is for their safety, but it must be so frustrating.


It seems like Irene may be paying us a visit shortly.  It has been kind of windy today.  I don't know if that has anything to do with the hurricane or not.  Right now they are saying that it is supposed to make landfall sometime Sunday morning around Long Island.  That means major wind and rain for us here as well as potential power outages and downed trees.  Annnnnddddd...potentially no school on Monday.  We'll see what happens there.  I don't want to be using up all our "snow" days before Christmas!

As you can see, I have a couple of children's books I am reading right now.  I love to read to my class and we are going to start out the year with A Cricket in Times Square.  On the hook is a "scrap-gan".  I am pairing a giant granny square with a log cabinish pattern.  I plan on throwing it on one of the comfy chairs in the back of my room so the kids can snuggle with it when they read.  Since this one has "girlie" colors, I got some additional yarn to make one more suited for the boys, too. :)

Please visit Ginny's blog to read about what others are crocheting/knitting and reading.

BONUS miss raven UPDATE:
Just because she is sweet, adorable, and I love her!



  1. Well I guess every dark cloud does have a silver lining! Glad you enjoyed your day off and it was nice to see you too! Enjoy the rest of your week. Love the pic of miss raven! She is such a cutie! You know Diamond (Raven's mini-me) has that same mask! Isn't that funny?

  2. It's the most interesting beginning of the school year that I have heard of! Cute scrap-gan! AND C-U-T-I-E miss raven! :o)