Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day Late...

and a Yarn Along short.


EEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!  Bugs!

So, I obviously missed Yarn Along yesterday.  Guess what I forgot to take to school?

my camera

Told you I would.  Although I did remember my lunch.

I remembered today so, without further ado, I give you...
a finished object!

The kids love it and race to get to the back so they can sit in the comfy chair with the "special" blanket.  I love it.  :)

We survived the day of clay.  There were a few mishaps, like the cherub who thought it would be fun to make a burrito instead of an insect or the angel who thought it was absolutely necessary to pout because her insect wouldn't stand up (Super teacher to the rescue!).  I still have clay under my fingernails and I will be finding "eyes" (beads) for the conceivable future, but they loved it.  Here are some pictures of stage one:

Ok.  So they aren't exactly famous sculptors but do me a favor and pretend you can tell that they are insects

and not weird looking reindeer....

Stage two is next Thursday and it is the painting stage.  I'm a little worried what the burrito kid is going to think of next.


I got my first "polite" parent complaint today.  Apparently I gave WAY too much homework last night for one mommy.  Here's how mean I was:

12 math problems (simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication)
2 Bible verses to write 2x each
5 history questions to answer
1 spelling list to write 1x
1 science quiz to study for

I am so incredibly heartless that I gave the students a 35 minute study hall instead of a 20 minute one.

You can see why I was wrong, right?

;) other thing...the mommy in question picked her darling up from school right at dismissal time (3:20) and she was the FIRST child picked up.  Someone please tell me how the child had to stay up past her bedtime to complete her homework?!?  What, does she go to bed at 5:00???

When I told my principal about this he rolled his eyes and said that the mom had better not complain to him about it.  I found out later that, not only did she call him about the "excessive" amount of homework, she also complained because her child's shoes and socks were wet.




I love my job!

Today I learned that animals with backbones are called "verbebrains"

Good to know.

I love my job!!!!!!!!

Good night!



  1. Your blanket is so bright and cheery! I'm sure the kids love it. Cute insects! Can't wait to see them painted. And what is a school year without at least one disgruntled parent--keeps things interesting! She'll love you by the end of the year, you'll see!

  2. I think the insects are adorable. Great job to the kids.

    That parent needs to get over herself. Speshul Snowflake probably does a million after school activities which, let's face it, are far more important than school! {sarcasm}