Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A random list...

of randomness.

1.  It is raining.  It has rained all day and will continue to rain THE WHOLE WEEK.

2.  I shouldn't complain about the rain because there are many people in Texas who are suffering through the horrible wildfires and would love to have some of this rain.

3.  Nonetheless...rain=indoor recess.  I got away with not having recess today because I made them work on math.  They didn't figure out that they missed recess.

4.  I can 100% guarantee you that I won't be able to get away with that two days in a row.

5.  I am currently trying to type this post with a Chihuahua under my shirt.  Awkward.

6.  Tomorrow is Yarn Along and, wouldn't you know it, I took my FO from last week in to school today.  I'll try to remember my camera tomorrow.

7.  Remembering my camera isn't looking good seeing as how I forgot my lunch today.

8.  I did remember to bring home my work for tonight.  I managed to accomplish the following:  grade history quizzes, grade spelling tests, write lesson plans for 3 out of 7 subjects. 

9.  All in all it was a good evening, work-wise.

10.  Dinner was left-over Moo Shu Delight.

11.  It was delightful.

12.  Just about every day no fewer than three high school students tell me how much they miss me and want me back. 

13.  #youneverknowwhatyou'vegot'tilit'sgone

14.  No, I don't tweet, although I am thinking about it.

15.  Can you use punctuation in tweets?

16.  This list of randomness is getting rather long, don't you think?

17.  The day of clay draws nearer.  The only thing that scares me more is the day of paint.  That's next week.

18.  Pray for me.

19.  No, really.  Pray.  Clay+paint+4th graders=crazy teacher

20.  Goodnight.



  1. I like your randomness! :o)
    Wish that I could come over to help paint! It sounds really fun! ;o)

  2. I feel u on the Chihuahua in the shirt, I have an angry barking Chi on my lap due to loud thunder!
    I will b praying 4 u on the clay n paint, and looking forward 2 pics!