Monday, September 5, 2011


dear Summer.

This weekend marked the "official" end of Summer.  To be fair, since I choose to follow the meteorologists and count March 1 as the official first day of spring; I must also concede and count September 1 as the official first day of fall.

(insert huge, soul-wrenching sigh here)

While I didn't necessarily send this weekend out with any kind of bang, I did have a nice time.  I ran some errands on Saturday and Sunday, including visiting my couch at Ikea.  Oh, that's a long story best to be told at another time.

I got some good deals at Michael's and A.C. Moore.  And I managed to NOT buy any hard as that may be to believe.  I was tempted today but just said no.  I did buy candles, though....


We are making insects this week in class.  Please pray for me.  I am not an artist nor do I pretend to be one.  We will be working with Crayola Model Magic, small sticks, beads, pipe cleaners, felt, and (gulp) tempera paints.  I am a little scared.  I'll post pictures of our progress.

Our new admin. is big on creativity and thinking outside the box.  I'm a little nervous because, truth be told, I kind of like the box.  The box is safe.  The box is good.  I like the box.

I'm trying to step a little out of it, though, so we will be making insects.  Paint, clay, and all.

Today I went to see The Help.  You will remember (or maybe you won't) that I read the book this summer after I saw the preview for the movie.  The movie is not as good as the book (they never are) but it is a MUST SEE.  Seriously.  If you get the chance, go see it.  You will be glad you did.  This is a movie that I will probably buy when it becomes avaliable.  It is really good.

When I came home it was raining.  miss raven and I played in the rain.  Well.  I played in the rain and miss raven stood there shooting me death glares while the water dripped off of her.  She was not amused by my display of frivolity.  She is now dried off, wearing her sweatshirt, and snoring under my t-shirt.  I love this little dog so much.  :)

It is time for dinner but I think I will be sitting this meal out.  I didn't exactly eat healthy this weekend and, although I didn't do a horrible job at the movies, I didn't do a spectacular job, either.  I will just sip on my blueberry ice coffee and start a list of a million reasons why I should start going back to the gym tomorrow after work....

It is supposed to rain all week.  Even the weather is depressed that summer is over.

Goodbye, Summer.

How many more days until March 1??


  1. The movie was great! I will definitely be adding that one to my collection. I enjoyed seeing it with you :) I hope you have a good week. I am looking forward to seeing the pics of the insects from your class. Talk to you soon.

  2. Though I am bummbed that fall is here and am looking forward to spring, I am NOT liking that March 1 is just a few days before the celebration of our 39th birthday! U-G-H!!!!! Save your pennies though because we are going to spend our birthdays together! :o)
    O-M-G! You did not buy yarn, I am glad that I am sitting down! ;oP
    Visited your couch huh?????