Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am so lame in coming up with post titles...

that this is best you get tonight.


So.  I have a (kind of) Yarn Along for you today.  On the hook we have this:
And for the book we have this:
The hook is almost done (THANKFULLY!) and the book I have yet to start.  Slacker, I know.

The book intrigues me though, and I bought all three in the series.  I love history and I am sure I will love these "what if" stories.  "What if Napolean hadn't lost."  "What if the Civil War had turned out differently."  etc.  It makes one think.  And thinking is good.  Trust me on that...I am a teacher.


Speaking of being a teacher....And I was.

Speshul Snowflake CAME TO SCHOOL TODAY!  Wow!  But, because of the degree of "Speshulness", there HAD to be drama with the child today.

I had to tell the angel to spit out the gum that was being chomped upon.

Apparently, that was the wrong thing to do.  I am so awful.

I also, oh horrors, had the gall to tell the child to sit properly in the desk.

What was I thinking?!?

And the dear, sweet child, decided that, instead of working on homework at the end of the day (oh the irony of this as it was THIS child's grandmother that accused me of giving too much work and not enough time to do it and her poor grandchild was so over-worked and over-burdended...but, I digress.)  Instead of working on homework, Speshul Snowflake decided that a better use of the time given would be to record all my transgressions from today in a diary:
  • 8:20--Miss Olsen told me to spit out my gum.  She makes me so mad.
  • 9:45--Miss Olsen told me to sit correctly in my seat.  She gets on my last nerve.  She thinks she is so smart.  I am going to tell my mom on her.
Lest I feel "Speshul" about being in said diary, the names of two other children were also included, as they somehow managed to commit sins against Speshul Snowflake.  Needless to say, I was not happy and let that be known.  I told the darling that the diary had better go home and I had best not see it at school again.

A few minutes later I started the class packing up to go home.  Speshul Snowflake comes to me with hugh crocodile tears proclaiming much sorrow over the diary.  I told the dear that I could care less about what was written about me because Snowflake had no right to be mad at me at all, seeing as I how I wasn't the one who had done something wrong.  I was more concerned about the fact that two other children were being made to feel bad about things they had "done" to make Snowflake mad.  I told the child that, if something had been written about her, she wouldn't like it one bit (and believe me, I would hear about it.)  Of course, I just "don't understand", but she is very sorry and will keep it at home from now on.


Oh!  Before I forget:

And my personal favorite:
The wings go on tomorrow.  Phew!

I did some research on the internets this evening and found a really cool Fall Art project involving twigs and seeds.  They did such a good job painting that I am thinking of trying this.  I'll keep you posted.

There, BFF.  Two nights in a row.  Are you happy?


Nighty night!!!

P.S.  Thanks to Ginny for hosting the Yarn Along!

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  1. YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Two nights in a row!!!! :o)
    Good luck with that snowflake! W-O-W!!!! You really are a mean teacher to make her follow the rules and make her leave her diary at home! Need I say be prepared for a phone call????
    Love the blanket!
    And the bugs are AWSOME!!!!!!