Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hola, Amigos!

Hey!  It's been less than a week.

Not by much, I know, but still...less than a week.


OK.  Here's an update, bullet-ed for your convenience (and mine):

  • Speshul Snowflake, for those of you that care, has now been absent ELEVEN days.  In ten weeks.  Altogether, she has missed all or part of SEVENTEEN days of school.  She was absent Monday and Tuesday this week.  Yep.  You guessed it.  She had to get ready for Trick or Treating.  Nice, right?
  • My left foot hurts so bad.  I thought I had plantar fasciitis, but now I am not sure.  It is mostly my heel that hurts, but by the end of the day the pain is all the way up my leg and into the back part of my hip.  Right now my left knee also hurts and I am debating on taking some ibuprofen.  I can hear my BFF now telling me to go the doctor but, in all truthfulness, I am terrified to go.  Some people are afraid of clowns, some people are afraid of snakes, I am afraid of doctors.  Terrified, even.  So...ibuprofen it is, tonight anyway.
  • Have you ever had to deal with something really hard and you do your best to deal with it but then someone comes along and kind of kicks sand in your face?  Me neither.
  • I joined twitter.  My brother hates it.  The best thing is that my (old) blackberry doesn't have the capability for downloading the twitter app.  Guess what that means?  #newphone  :)
  • We had snow last Saturday.  Did you hear me?  SNOW in OCTOBER.  Can I tell you that there are about five hundred ZILLION things wrong with that?!?
  • I miss my BFF.
  • Alot.
  • I broke out the heated throw and the electric blanket.  And turned on the heater.  My goal is always to try to make it until at least November 1 before turning on the heater.  It was in the high 20's Friday night.  I made it until October 28 this year.  There's always next year.
  • I absolutely MUST get a hold on my out of control eating.  I think I have gained almost all the weight I lost three years ago.  That really, really depresses me.  I am afraid to get on the scale to see how bad it is.
  • It is now time for me to go to bed.
  • Goodnight!
  • :)

1 comment:

  1. * WOW!
    * If it gets worse-YES-go to the doctor! Remember my 'little issue'????? I had to do it! Even though I HATEHATEHATE doctors!
    * I feel REALLY bad about that one! :o/
    * Never been on Twitter...can we say iphone????
    * Ok SNOW is just WRONG!!!!!
    * DITTO!
    * DITTOOOO!!!
    * Totally don't blame you!
    * UMMM right there with you!!! We can do it!!!
    *** SOOO happy that you blogged!***