Thursday, October 27, 2011

Excuses, excuses...

I'm still here and I feel bad that I haven't been a good blogger lately.  I know that I have used the "I'm tired" excuse alot, but it is the only one I have.  And it's true.

I promise.

Things are going well, for the most part.  I am still beyond happy that I am back in the classroom and not in administration anymore.  I feel a little guilty that I am so happy because I know there are others that I work with that are going through a really, really rough time.  I try to assuage my guilt by reminding myself that they last couple of years have been horrific for me where work is concerned and that it is ok for me to be happy now.  I do my best to be supportive to those who are having a hard time this year and I try not to sound like I am rubbing it in by having a good year.

I wasn't at school yesterday because I had to go to a day-long "leadership team" meeting.  I can honestly say that, for the first time in a LONG time, I acutally missed being at work.  I missed my students a lot and thought about them several times over the day.  I was so happy to see them this morning and even happier when, as they came in to the room, their faces lit up and they ran over to hug me.  Almost all of them told me how much they missed me (except Speshul Snowflake, of course) and that made me feel good.

I still have a faction of parents who like to complain about the amount of homework the kids are getting.  The funny thing is, my partner teacher actually gives more homework than I do but none of her parents are complaining.  Most, if not all, of my students finish their homework at school, so I am not sure what the problem is.  I know the parents don't like that they have all the tests and quizzes that they have, but honestly, it isn't that much.  I usually just let the issues roll of my back and concentrate on the kids.  They are really funny and I love being with them.  Mostly.

Just not at 3:40.

I am so ready for them to leave at 3:40.  I am really ready to go home to a dog that doesn't talk at 3:40.  I am really glad to go home to a dog that doesn't talk and a quiet house at 3:40.  I am really glad...well, you get the picture.

Today we made pinecone birdfeeders in art.  The project was a tie-in with what we are studying in science.  here is a run down:

3 packages of disposable casserole dishes:   $6.00
2 bags of cinnamon scented pinecones:  $6.00
2 large containers of vegetable shortening:  $5.00
2 large containers of oats:  $5.00
1 large bag of birdseed:  $15.00  (Stupid Wal-Mart prices!!!)
1 box of gallon sized zip-top plastic bags:  $3.00

Total for pinecone birdfeeders:  $40.00

Listening to 19 4th graders talking about what they learned in science and having a good time:  PRICELESS*

*although I do say "A pox on Wal-Mart for charging FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a stupid bag of birdseed.  That's why I prefer Target!"

I got my hair cut on Saturday.  No, I don't have a picture.  It is my chin.  I got about 3 inches hacked off.  I like it like this (right now) because my hair is heavy and the longer it is the more it pulls out my natural curls.  Right now, though, I must say that it is getting on my nerves because I kind of feel like it looks like straw on a scarecrow. later.  Maybe.

Ok.  I am hoping that I will post again before another week goes by.  Hopefully over the weekend.


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  1. 1. I am SOOO happy that I got to read my favorite blog today!!! Thank you BFF!
    2. Wish that you were not so tired. :o/
    3. I am OVERJOYED that you are happy with work again! Don't feel badly BFF, you have 'paid' for it more than enough! ENJOY the ride! :o)
    4. I don't know what a quite house is... but I am sure it is nice to come home to!
    5. Priceless is right! They will always remember that!
    6. Still waiting for that pic to show up on my phone! ;oP
    7. IMISSYOU!!!!!!!
    8. Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!