Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like....

(We will start today's post with a Speshul Snowflake update:

  • She was out on Monday.
  • She was also out on Tuesday.
  • If you are keeping count, that is now a grand total of 13 days.
  • She came back today.
  • My principal had a letter all ready to send home on Monday.
  • He had to change it on Tuesday.
  • I knew she would be back today because we have a field trip tomorrow.
  • She and her mother drive me crazy!)
Now, on to regular bloggy news....

Remember the swap that I blogged about before and had participated in?  Well, as it turns out, the moderator decided to "tweak" some things and now I can't participate anymore.  I'm actually sad about this since I had just signed up for the Christmas swap.  I had it all planned out...I did August, then October, and had just signed up for December.  I was really excited about it and then the rules changed and I had to leave the group.

Speaking of Christmas (and weren't we?)...It's beginning to look a lot like it!  Especially in the stores!  I get to put up my Christmas tree in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!!  I am so excited!  I love Christmas so much and I love to decorate for Christmas!  I can't wait to put up my tree!  This year I am putting it up on Thanksgiving Day because I need something to keep my mind off being by myself.  It will just be me and miss raven on Thanksgiving Day and I am a little down about that.  I figure that, if I spend the afternoon decorating and putting up my tree, it will take my mind off not being with anyone.  Well, decorating and football.  ;)

I have Friday off.  SO.EXCITED.  I am hoping beyond all hope to not have to wake up early.  (note to miss raven:  please don't wake mommy up at oh-dark-thirty.  mommy will not be pleased and, as we all know, a cranky mommy is not a treat-giving mommy.)

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  1. I have to say that I did not receive a crappy package from either yourself or the other person I swapped with.

    In fact, I noticed that for the two months that I swapped, both times the swap packages that I received/send to my partner not only met the dollar requirement for the things that (I thought) needed to be in the package, but the "extras" included were better than what people in the $35 Swap exchanged!

    From what I could tell, there were a lot more people that exchanged yarn than fiber, so it wasn't just us. It also looks like your email made a difference and yarn will be allowed going forward. She is currently polling everyone to see if a questions about what you would prefer (yarn or spinning fiber) in the questionnaire.

    I rejoined the group, but I'm taking a break from swaps for a little while.