Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So much for blogging every night last week.

Blogger fail.

In my defense:

  1. We had Grandparent's Day at school on Friday.
  2. This left me with a tremendous headache.
  3. My kids weren't bad (weeeellllll....we did have a Speshul Snowflake incident, but....) but they were excited and even though quite a few of them left, the ones that stayed were hyped up for vacation.
  4. I can't blame them.
So anyway.  I was supposed to blog over the weekend but I did not.  So now I will attempt to tell you about my weekend.  Although, there isn't much to tell.

Sunday was the highlight of my weekend for the following reasons:

  1. The COWBOYS beat the redskins.  That would make TWICE this year.  In case you were wondering.  Which I know you were.  Even if you are my BFF.
  2. The eagles beat the giants.  Now, under normal circumstances I would never, ever root for the eagles.  The mere idea of it makes me want to...well, never mind.  In this case, however, it meant that my COWBOYS would be tied for FIRST PLACE with the giants.  So...fly, eagles, fly.  And, they did.
  3. Tony Stewart (my favorite NASCAR driver and, quite frankly, one hot man) won the Sprint Cup Championship.  Is it too much to hope that he will stumble across my blog, find out what a catch I am, and drive himself up here to declare himself my Prince Charming?  Yeah, I kind of thought it might be.  Stupid fairy tales.
All in all, it was a wonderful sports weekend.  Did I mention that the COWBOYS beat the redskins?  TWICE?

Hail to the who??

We had meetings at work all day yesterday and half of the day today.  I managed to get my Christmas tree put up (and mostly decorated) in my classroom.  It looks good, if I do say so myself.  I have a few more things to do in my room but didn't feel like staying late today.  So I didn't.  :)

miss raven and I will be by ourselves for Thanksgiving this year and I am really depressed about that.  I thought I would be ok with it but the closer it gets the sadder I become.  I am hoping that putting up my tree on Thursday will help.  I've been missing my mom alot the last few weeks and wish that I could talk to her.  She always made the holidays special.  And I really miss her Thanksgiving stuffing (or filling.  Whatever you prefer.)

I don't have to get up early tomorrow so I am getting to watch the NFL Network replay of the COWBOYS/redskins game tonight.  You know, the one in which the COWBOYS BEAT THE redskins.  AGAIN.



p.s.  How do you like the new look of the blog?  I couldn't resist the paw prints.  It is my homage to miss raven.  She approves.  :)

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  1. O-M-G!!!!!! L-O-V-E the new look!!!!
    BlaablaaaaFOOTBALLandNASCARblaaablaaablaaaa ;oP Happy that your boys won!!!!!
    Whoohooo that Grandparents Day went well! Even with the SS event! Go figure!!!
    TOTALLY bummbed about Thanksgiving too! AND it's all MY FAULT! SORRY!!! :'o(