Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day Four...

So I have made it a personal goal to blog every night this week.

(I almost failed tonight.)

I didn't want to leave you hanging about my meetings, though, so here I am.

You're welcome, BFF.

Meeting #1 went a little like this:

Talk, talk, talk, talk, everyone else. melicity.

I literally said NOTHING during this meeting and more than once wondered AGAIN why I was there and not in my classroom with my students taking pictures while they painted.


Meeting #2 went something like this...

Um.  Can't tell you.  I was too busy trying to figure out why I was there to pay much attention as to what was going on in that meeting, either.

I did catch one thing that I know you will appreciate, though.

SS and her mother were there.  Mommy felt it necessary to stand up and ask three questions (I won't bore you with those.)  What I found to be super-douper interesting, though, was the fact that she OPENLY ADMITTED that she had already asked (and had answered) those SAME questions of the Head of School and the Principal.  She just wanted to "ask them again in a public forum."

Can anyone say...POT-STIRRER????????

As some of you (BFF) know, meetings super-stress me out.  Needless to say, my right thumb is a raw, nasty, painful, bloody mess.


This one is going to take weeks to heal.  Band-aids and Neosporin, anyone?

I hear three things calling me:


miss raven

and my bed.

In that order.  So....



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  1. Thank you! I was worried when you didn't text me last night re: said meetings. What a waste of time!!! grrrr!!!!!!! Sorry!
    Ya know you may want to try wearing a cute pair of gloves to your meetings! ;oP
    SS's mom needs to get on the "SS get out of here boat"
    Here's to a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!! You totally deserve it!!!
    MISS YOU!!!!!