Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Two nights in a row.

I love you, BFF.

Even though you did move far away thereby ensuring the ruin of all future Thanksgivings.


I digress.

Today was a rather good day at school.  No major issues, other than the young man who doesn't think before he acts and scared another kid in the bathroom.  Boy #1 really is a sweetheart and I know deep down he didn't mean anything by what happened, but Boy #2 felt like he was being bullied so I had to deal with it.  Boy #1 was practically in tears when I was done and was apologizing all over himself.  It wasn't one of those "I'm apologizing to get out of trouble" apologies, either.  I know that he really meant it.

The kids all love the Christmas tree I put up in the classroom.  I need to remember to take some pictures of it to post.

SS was there today.  She walked in (with mommy, of course) right as I was starting the day.  Mommy had to unpack her bag for her and take her things to her desk.  Then, and this truly is the best part, Mommy came over and stood RIGHT BESIDE ME expecting me to chat with her....AFTER SCHOOL HAD ALREADY STARTED.  *facepalm*  The woman just does.not.get.it.

I finished another scarf last night.  Eight down, eleven to go.

I should be working on lesson plans tonight.  I'm probably not going to.

It rained pretty much all day here.  I really, really shouldn't complain because is had been in the close-to-70 degree range the last several days.  At the end of November.  Therefore I really shouldn't complain.  I'm trying hard not to.

If I wasn't so lazy and if I wasn't such a homebody, I would put some shoes on, grab miss raven, get in the truck, and drive to Starbucks to get a Peppermint Mocha.  Alas.  I am not only lazy, I am in fact, a homebody.  I can pretty much completely identify with people who never want to leave their house.  Except I do love to shop.

Time to make another scarf.

Pink and purple.


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  1. Love ya too BFF!!!!
    I LOVED talking with you last night!
    Good luck on the scarves. I konw that they will love them!