Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It occurred to me...

that I should provide you with a photo of the scarves that I am making for my students.  Sadly, I am too lazy to get the camera and snap a few.  Plus this light in my living room isn't all that great at night.  You are probably going to have to wait for the weekend.  Which will enable me to whip up a few more.

9 down, 10 to go.

Are we all ready for an SS update?

Alrighty then.

As you know, SS was not in school on Monday.  She came on Tuesday and was unprepared to work on a project that the class had known about since before the Thanksgiving holiday.  The excuse was that they were rushing to get out of the house that morning and that Mommy forgot to bring her things.

Ummmmmm.  Ok.

  1. It is not Mommy's responsibility to bring your things to school
  2. Rushing out of the house is not an excuse for being unprepared.
So I explained that to the dear child, in a kindly way, and then proceeded to have her and the other two that weren't prepared work on an assignment from their book.

(Cue angry e-mail from Grandmama)

I am a horrible, insensitive, mean teacher who OBVIOUSLY doesn't have any children of my own because I don't know how to speak to children and I don't show CHRISTIAN LOVE and kindness and I call myself a CHRISTIAN but I don't act like one and she is just a little child and how DARE I talk to her precious grandchild like that and she want a meeting NOW.

Excuse me?

So, after stewing about it for about and hour and after talking to my BFF, I decided that I would need to reply because if I didn't I wouldn't get any sleep.

I sent a polite response clarifying what actually happened in class and letting Grandmama know that her precious wasn't quite as forthcoming as she should have been when relaying the story to her.  I openly copied the e-mail to my principal and told Grandmama that I would only meet with her AND the principal.

Of course I received no response and while SS did show up for school today, she left at 11:00 thereby making this her SIXTEENTH absence this year.

And yet, I would much rather deal with her than go back to the wretched job I had last year.

I came home this afternoon to find CRIME SCENE TAPE all around the house behind me.  There were police and state troopers EVERYWHERE.  I have zero idea what was going on but, from what I could tell, the house had been broken in to.  Of course that makes me a little uneasy.  Even with killer here:
I still think my house could be a target.  If you are the praying type, would you send one up for me that my house will be protected?  miss raven and I would appreciate it.

Ok.  Time to make another scarf.

blue and green tonight.



  1. I can't wait to see the scarves!!!!
    And OH CRAP! I will be praying!!!
    LOVE the pic of Ms. Raviebaby!

  2. If I had a dollar for every time a parent got upset with me for correcting their little darling for not being prepared, I would still be teaching. I always told my parents that if they would promise not to believe everything that their child told them happened in class, then I wouldn't believe everything they told me about their homelife. I will pray for you and can't wait to see your scarves.