Monday, December 5, 2011

Good things come to those who...

don't complain, moan, kavetch, scream, yell, stamp their feet...

I have been neglectful in the picture taking uploading of late but I finally got my behind in gear and got everything in the camera on to the computer.

Now you can be entertained without having to read through all my blah, blah, blahing.

Here is an update from the weekend:

Saturday--felt great.  Met a parent at Starbucks, mailed my swap package, went Christmas shopping for the niece and nephew, came home.  Around noon began to feel like crap.  Tried to talk the cold out of invading my body.  It didn't work.

Sunday--moaned, complained, kavetched about my cold.  Watched football.  Rejoiced that the redskins lost. Rejoiced that the giants lost.  #*#$(#$( that the Cowboys lost.  Rejoiced again (and more emphatically) that the giants lost.

Monday--went to school.  Worked very hard at not ripping fourth grade heads off seeing as how it isn't their fault that I am sick.  But probably IS their fault that I am sick.  Oh well, too tired to care.  Have a raw nose due to all the blowing.  Opened swap package.  Took the following pictures:
 miss raven received a t-shirt that says "Cookie Taster", a squeaky toy, and a rawhide bonie.

I received a hank of Malabrigo silky (in wisteria) and a cowl pattern, two dark chocolate mint bars, two notepads, two candles, a crocheted birdie, a crocheted snowflake, and a handwritten note on a handmade card.

Finishing post.  Drinking coffee, making English quiz for tomorrow.  Still 6 scarves left to crochet.  Can't do any tonight.  Too tired........

More pictures.....
 My favorite Chihuahua and her big ears.

 My Halloween pumpkins.  Yes, I know it is December.  I'm late.

 The ginormous puzzle that my students put together (almost) all by themselves.  We were studying birds in science.


Good night!

*Best Furry Friend Forever.

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  1. Hope that you are feeling better soon!!!!! :o(
    LOVE the pictures! That swap thing is neat!