Monday, January 2, 2012


It's already January 2?!?!  Sheesh!  Where is this year going??


So, today, my last day of vacation, has proved to be quite boring.  I ended up doing nothing except drinking coffee and crocheting.  Not that I am complaining mind you.  Relaxing is a good thing.  Especially when drinking coffee, crocheting, watching a Murder, She Wrote marathon, and snuggling with a very sleepy Chihuahua.  Girlfriend is going to be in for a big shock tomorrow when she is alone all day.

um.  wait.

On second thought, I think that is exactly what she is waiting for!

I did do a little school work today.  I finished my lesson plans yesterday (nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?) and caught up on ALL my grading!  Now all I have to do is enter all the grades in to the computer tomorrow and I will be completely caught up.  For the moment.

Hey--don't get used to this blogging every day thing.  You know how reliable I am with that!


It occurred to me that I neglected to tell you all about my Christmas gifts from my students.  Shame on me.  Here is a list of my bounty:  3 Starbucks gift cards, 2 Dunkin Donuts gift cards, 2 Michael's gift cards, 1 Target gift card, 1 Amazon gift card, 1 Cheesecake Factory gift card, much lotion/body wash, a box of chocolates, a sweater, a rockin' Cowboys blankie and scarf, a White House ornament for the tree, a bag of pecans, a pair of Christmas socks, a bouquet of flowers, pearl earrings, and cash.

Not bad.  ;)

Ok.  So my football season is pretty much over.  The Cowboys sucked better than a Dyson last night and, as a (painful) result, will NOT be headed to the playoffs this year.

Yeah.  I'm bummed.

Now I have to figure out who I am going to root for.  My money is on the Packers.  We'll see.

At least it won't be the redskins.  Or the eagles.



Time for more crocheting and more coffee.  My dang feet are so cold.  I keep hoping that, if I drink enough coffee, my heat will warm up.  So far it isn't working.


I hate winter.


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  1. This year is flying by!!!!
    Relaxing is AKWAYS a great thing!
    You totally scored on the teacher gifts!!! WHOOHOOOO!!!!! :o)
    I hate winter too! Unless it would be Florida, then I would LOVE it!!! :o) High 80's and at the beach on Christmas Day...a very very WONDERMUS thing!!!(That's where my parents and brother were)